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Unveiling the Power of Mentorship: Insights from the YWLC Mentorship Info Session 2024

Mentorship is a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth However, finding the right mentor and developing an effective mentorship relationship can be a challenging process. Through YWLC’s annual flagship mentorship programme, this is the journey that YWLC hopes to guide its mentees through.

In order to  explore the significant impact of mentorship, we recently hosted an intimate conversation featuring reflections by mentors and mentees from the 2023/2024 Mentorship Programme cycle. Speakers includes: mentor Cecilia Tan, Vice President, Global Government Relations & Public Policy at Procter & Gamble Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and her mentee Shin Mun Ng, Associate at Vrien & Partners; and mentee Chua Khai Shing, Engagement Manager at GovTech. The session was moderated by Celine Liow, Associate Director at Fortes Law LLC. 

Held in partnership with UBS, the session provided a broad overview of what to expect in the next cycle of YWLC's 2024 Mentorship Programme. The stories from our panelists provided valuable insights about YWLC’s mentorship programme and how mentorship can profoundly impact personal and professional development. Here were some takeaways from the session:

Setting goals and building trust

Setting goals with your mentor is helpful, but it is equally important to let conversations flow organically. Focus on establishing trust, being authentic, and clearly communicating what process works for both parties.

Benefits beyond industry boundaries

Having a mentor from the same industry can be beneficial, but is not necessary. Mentors from different industries can offer valuable external perspectives. Focus on commonalities and shared experiences rather than industry-specific knowledge. Cecilia highlighted that mentors can provide guidance and life experiences that transcend industry boundaries.

Open heart and mind

Entering a mentorship relationship with an open heart and mind is crucial. This mindset helps both mentors and mentees make the most of their time together. Khai Shing recommended researching mentors’ experiences. It helps to do some basic online research of the mentors to understand their experience and expertise. Prepare work and personal goals but remain open to organic conversations.

Real-life mentorship experiences

  1. How did Shin Mun and Khai Shing choose their mentors?

  • Shin Mun: As she was transitioning into a new industry with a similar work scope to her past experience, she chose a mentor in her new industry who had walked the same path. She hoped to gain insights into this new space and learn from someone seasoned in the field.

  • Khai Shing: When looking through the list of mentors, Khai Shing opted for a mentor who had successfully navigated multiple industries and major life transitions, guiding her through her own journey.

  • Both mentees agreed that understanding what you want to gain from mentorship helps streamline the type of mentor to select.

  1. What could a mentorship session look like?

  • Cecilia & Shin Mun: Both preferred their mentoring relationship to be authentic and transparent. They often met over meals, which set the tone for fruitful and meaningful discussions around Shin Mun’s goals.

  • Khai Shing: Resonated with both Cecilia and Shin Mun that meetups over food were a must! She often opted for calls or lunch dates with her mentor, Janet Ang. However, when schedules could not align, Janet was always available over a call or text when Khai Shing needed advice.

Biggest takeaways from the YWLC mentorship journey

  • Shin Mun: Gained new industry insights and alternative perspectives.

  • Khai Shing: Valued the connections made not just with her mentor, but with other mentees and mentors, enriching her network and providing diverse feedback.

  • Cecilia: Mentorship extends beyond the structured program because of the relationship they have built.

If you are looking to experience the transformative power of mentorship for yourself, the YWLC Mentorship Programme 2024/25 is currently accepting applications until 30 June 2024. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others. 

Here’s some resources to get you started on your application: 


Panel speakers

Cecilia Tan, Vice President, Global Government Relations & Public Policy at Procter & Gamble Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

Shin Mun Ng, Associate at Vrien & Partners; and mentee 

Chua Khai Shing, Engagement Manager at GovTech


Celine Liow, Associate Director at Fortes Law LLC

Venue Partner: UBS 

Editor: Vivian Lim

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