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Each subcommittee is a platform for members to contribute and drive positive impact for our community

Based on the nature of their work, the subcommittees are categorised across Events/Programmes, Functions and Community. Click on the links below and consider getting involved as a subcommittee member.


We reach and welcome young women across all industries and backgrounds to

join us. 

We build up and strengthen our community.

We are connectors that plug in members at first touch and shapers of the YWLC experience.

We curate experiences for our community.

We catalyse connections between members, facilitate spaces for members to advance their professional and personal interests.


We build strategic networks that empower young women.

We manage partnerships and drive strategies that amplify YWLC's impact.

We pioneer tech initiatives.

We pioneer tech initiatives, build innovative systems and analyse data to engage the community.

We design and create content to raise awareness for our brand.  

We strategise and develop content to promote the organisation's vision and mission.


We develop young women to realise their full potential.

We are an inclusive and supportive community who seek to be leaders of change and influence.

We develop compassionate female leaders.

We identify, nurture, and grow compassionate young women into community leaders.

We connect female leaders of tomorrow with the pioneering role models of today. ​

We connect female leaders of tomorrow with some of Singapore's most accomplished female leaders.

Are you interested to be involved with projects from another subcommittee, pick up new skills, or organise our upcoming events and initiatives?


Contact the respective Executive Committee (Exco) member in charge on how you can get involved below!

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