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Why Mentorship Matters: Fostering a fulfilling mentorship journey

Updated: Apr 30

Since its inception in 2009, the YWLC Mentorship Programme has provided YWLC members with the exclusive opportunity of being mentored by successful female industry leaders over a period of 9 months. 

We had the opportunity to chat with our current YWLC mentors Dr Jade Kua and her mentees, Ms Tiffany Choo and Ms Mukti Chugani, to share their mentorship experience under YWLC’s Mentorship Programme and tips for building a successful mentor-mentee relationship.

What were your first impressions of each other?

Dr Jade: Both Tiffany and Mukti were wide-eyed individuals and eager to embark on this mentorship journey with me. They were excited, clear about their expectations and goals from the mentorship programme. Our conversations were consistently aligned with our objectives, which contributed to the success of our journey together.

Tiffany and Mukti: Our first impression of Dr Jade was along the lines of: “How on earth does Dr Jade manage to juggle everything (from being an A&E doctor, running her own coaching clinic and skincare line, and being an author), while also maintaining her health and great relationships? She appears to be an extraordinary and well-balanced individual, adept at embodying both masculinity and femininity effortlessly in both work and family life.

How has mentorship influenced your personal and professional development?

Dr Jade: I do it as an act of service, to give back. At Jade Life and Wellness Coaching Academy, I encourage all my student coaches & mentees to continue to give back to the community. These acts of service go beyond our professional careers as coaches and mentors and speak to our way of life. It’s a great example to show me, rather than tell me, that you care.

Tiffany: I draw strength from Dr Jade as a role model, watching and learning from how she moves through life while juggling the many crystal and rubber balls with ease. She gives me confidence and helps me break down my goals.

Mukti: Understanding how Dr Jade manages multiple roles professionally allowed me to realise that one can effectively wear various hats across different fields.

Were there any unexpected/surprising outcomes from your mentorship journey?

Dr Jade: I now have a date to the Wonderfruit Festival with the girls and I might pick up Cantonese lessons with Tiffany!

Tiffany: Becoming closer to Dr Jade’s friends and learning about career options from them was a surprise to the upside! It was a great experience to connect with her friends, even without her being around! I was also surprised by how close Dr Jade and us became by bonding over things such as music festivals, entrepreneurship, and some drinks! 

Mukti: Meeting & connecting with Dr Jade’s friends & kids!

Any tips/advice for cultivating a successful mentorship relationship?

Dr Jade: Regular meetups or check ins are important. Physical face to face meet ups work best (especially when food is involved!) A certain level of commitment is needed to show that you care about one another. That is why we have managed to bond over friends, clinic anniversary, music festival, having my kids hang out with us and letting the mentees into my life. Being vulnerable helps build that connection and gives us context. The mentorship period of 9 months is good as 6 months would have been too short.

Tiffany: Knowing what you want out of it and not wasting your mentor’s time. Being authentic and honest will definitely take you a long way.

Mukti: Being open and to not fear being vulnerable in order to ask for guidance. Share your wins but also share the challenges you face. Build a friendship where you are celebrating each other - including the mentor’s life and her initiatives/achievements so that it is not one sided.

The YWLC Mentorship programme 2024 will officially kick off in August 2024! Applications will open from 30 May 2024 onwards. 

Join us for the YWLC Mentorship Info Session happening on the 30 May 2024 to learn about our flagship Mentorship programme. This Info Session will cover an overview of the programme, application details and the opportunity to hear from our past mentors and mentees in-person on how mentorship can help to elevate your professional and personal journey.

Register here to reserve your spot!


Mentor: Dr. Jade Kua 

Mentee(s): Tiffany Choo and Mukti Chugani 

Editor: Caren Tso 

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