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Female & Fearless Digital: Building Confidence through Digital Literacy

Confidence is crucial to success, because it means being able to set ambitious goals while assured in your ability to deal with setbacks. One way to build confidence is to pursue an interest or develop a competency, and to consistently see progress in that area.

Female & Fearless (F&F) Digital returned for its second run this year, in partnership with Goldman Sachs Women in Engineering.

This year, attendance more than doubled to over 50 participants, with Edgefield Secondary as a returning school, and Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School, St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School and St Margaret’s Secondary School joining the event for the first time.

Through the session, participants learnt the basics of Python programming, which is a good starting point for web development, data analysis, data visualisation, and machine learning. They also learnt about the basic structures of chatbots and tried their hand at creating one!

The workshop also featured the inaugural YWLC x Goldman Sachs x YWLC Careers Engagement & Networking Session, where students networked with volunteers from both organisations to find out more about careers in STEM.

What some of the students said:

"It was really insightful, it constantly reminds me that it's okay to be different and we have to be curious in order for things to work out, it was truly an honour to be taught by these individuals."

"I really enjoyed the last segment of the workshop where we were in breakout rooms because i got to learn about someone’s firsthand experience and opinions on coding which really inspired me to consider pursuing a job in this industry."

We look forward to continuing the advancement of our efforts in bid to sow the seeds of interest and to inspire more females to advance their journey in the STEM industry!


Female & Fearless aims to impart leadership, goal-setting, confidence building and digital skills to female teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old. We work with schools and non-profit organisations such as CHIJ, ITE, Gracehaven, Salvation Army and SHINE to identify girls who would best benefit from this workshop to seek clarity on educational and career pathways, and also gain confidence to create the lives they want to lead. To find out more about YWLC's Community Engagement activities, click here.

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Organising Committee: Community Engagement

Organising Team: Sua Wan Xin, Minerva Lim, Tim Min Hui (Co-Lead), Jerene Wong (Co-Lead)

Artwork: Joey Ong

Author: Tabitha Chee

Editor: Kristin Loo

Partner: Goldman Sachs

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