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What a Mentor Can Do for You

Have you at any point in your life encountered an issue or problem that you didn’t know how to get around? Or are you stuck in a rut and feel clueless on how to get yourself out?

When life throws us lemons, often we just wish for someone to shine a light towards a direction or to bounce ideas and options with.

The YWLC Mentorship Programme brings together some of Singapore's most accomplished women leaders. Members can stand a chance to learn from their experience, guidance, and mentorship. Being part of this mentorship programme helps to formalise this process of learning from someone’s experience, successes, and failures.

Panelists at the Mentorship Information Session

At the intimate virtual Mentorship Information Session held on 4 May, panelists: Ong Chin Yin, Chief People Officer at Grab; Serene Cai, Co-founder and Head of Partnerships & Projects at Speedoc; Phoon Mei Hui, Senior Associate at Singapore Economic Development Board; and Jalene Alyssa Seah, Founder and Designer at Kinquo, shared their mentorship journeys and answered burning questions from the participants about their mentor-mentee relationship.

Here are some tips from them for those considering to start their mentorship journey:

What should I consider before applying for the mentorship programme?

  • Be clear on your “What” What do you want to achieve with this mentorship programme? Having a clear goal helps both you and your mentor journey towards the answer. Here are some questions to help you shape your “What”s:

    1. How do you want to develop yourself in the next five years?

    2. How do you envision yourself in the professional space in the next five years?

    3. What perspectives do you need from your mentor that can help you advance towards your goal?

  • Time commitment Make sure that you are in the right headspace to make and utilise time that you have with your mentor.

  • Industry and job specificity Many of us believe that only mentors in the same industry and scope can shed light, but it is not necessary to seek for a “perfect industry match”. Sometimes, the most spontaneous conversations with a mentor in an unanticipated field may lead to something impactful too!

2. What do I have to be aware of if I am selected as a mentee?

  • It takes two to clap

Don’t expect your mentor to consistently take the initiative. As a mentee, you can also actively engage your mentors! Be open about your objectives and end goals - feel free to share the challenges you are facing, this helps your mentors be more focused with her sharing.

  • You are the driver of your own life

As much as we wish it were possible, mentors do not have all the answers. They are there to guide, share advice, bounce ideas, and give perspectives, but they are not living through the actual problem. Ultimately, while they may offer you a direction, only you can make the decisions for yourself.

  • Every mentor-mentee relationship is different

No mentor-mentee relationship is the same. Like any relationship, it takes effort, communication, compromise, and respect.

3. How can I structure the mentorship experience?

  • The mentor-mentee relationship can be as flexible or as structured as both parties wish. Both mentor and mentee will need to agree on a structure, whether it is to have monthly calls,meetings over lunch, or to do it more freestyle. As a mentee, you can communicate your preference with your mentor and mutually agree on what works best for the both of you.

Think you might be interested? Check out our panel of mentors here! For more details on the structure and timeframe, see the fact sheet here.

Already decided that you want to sign up? Click here to fill up the application form! Do note that this closes on 22 May, and is only open to YWLC members and the respective fees apply.

If you have any further questions, drop us an email at

Organising Committee: Mentorship Subcommittee Organising Team: Beatrix Sio, Colette Zheng, Eileen Teoh

Author: Koh Wern Chieh Graphics: Joey Ong

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