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Get to know Project Wonder Women!

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

YWLC’s Social Impact pillar hopes to identify, nurture and grow compassionate women into community leaders to uplift other women & children in our society. In this edition, hear from one such community leader Calissa Man and her fellow partners, Chen Jun & Johanna, regarding their latest initiative Project Wonder Women!

1. Tell us a bit more about yourselves

Hi there, we’re the founding trio behind Project Wonder Women! We’re united by our shared passion for empowering women and promoting inclusion through action. I’m Calissa, a YWLC member, TikTok intern and Global Shaper in my final year of university. Our team also includes Chen Jun, an Operations Specialist from Meta and a mentor for organisations like and MENDAKI. Johanna is an Investigations Analyst at TikTok and Global Shaper.

2. What is Project Wonder Women and how did the idea come about?

Project Wonder Women is a three-month pilot to raise food security and social mobility for 30 low-income ethnic minority mothers from July - September 2022. We aim to empower beneficiaries with care packages, virtual mentorship and informative webinars or guides.

We were inspired by our social sector contacts, who shared about accessibility gaps for baby care necessities. We also wanted to scale our impact beyond rice donation for diverse communities.

3. What do you hope to achieve with this community project?

We hope to raise the confidence and career development of low-income ethnic minority mothers by providing the opportunities and resources they need to shine. More importantly, we aim to nurture a supportive and diverse community of women uplifting each other with the support of YWLC. YWLC’s ethos of supporting women deeply resonates with us, that’s why we’re looking forward to collaborating with fellow YWLC members and partners!

4. What are some key takeaways & challenges based on your experience starting a group up initiative?

We’ve learnt 3 takeaways from our journey. First, be proactive. Coordinating partnerships with the public and social sector can be challenging, but you can make a huge difference by taking initiative. Second, be open. Feedback is a gift, so always welcome new insights from your partners. Third, keep the needs of your beneficiaries in mind. This is our North Star that keeps us going, while juggling university and our jobs!

5.What’s next for Project Wonder Women?

We’re embarking on mentor recruitment and finalising our beneficiaries! It’s an exciting time as we’re progressing from planning to preparing for the pilot programme. We welcome anyone with an interest in supporting low-income ethnic minority mothers and their families. Feel free to reach out to @moreteaplease if you’re keen to join us as a virtual mentor or link us up with any contacts we can reach out to!


This article is part of the Social Impact column by the Social Impact subcommittee that focuses on social causes concerning women and children. Click here to learn more about the subcommittee and its initiatives.


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