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Finding equilibrium in work, life and mentorships!

Women are paving the way in the workplace! And who better to learn from than the experienced role models who are working in your community and have created an inclusive environment?

Laura Hwang and Geok Wen Ting, YWLC alumni mentor-mentee pair, shared personal anecdotes and tips on how they navigate work-life balance and maintained their mentor-mentee relationship.

  1. Work Life Harmony It will be hard to find a complete and equal balance. Work will always be dominating one because of all the varying factors that are tied to it but there can be elements to balance things out. Find your joy in work, build your very own support system (within and outside work) and find activities out of work to refocus your attention and reset your mind.

  2. Have faith that things will be okay. Prioritise what is important to you, and it is normal that these priorities shift as we are in different phases of our life. Then give your best, pivoting and adapting as necessary. Things might not always be smooth but eventually, you will find that with the right mindset, the pieces will fall into places.

  3. It takes two to maintain any kind of relationships (that includes your mentors) Chemistry plays a part, but also being authentic and bringing your true self during these interactions. Like all relationships, it is a two way street. Be conscientious in finding time to do a catch up, whether it is via text, a catch up call or over coffee. Just because they are your mentor, doesn’t mean everything has to be about advice and guidance. It can be anything under the sun!

There is no exact science to finding balance between work and life nor is there one right formula to brewing the best mentor relationship. Both will require a fair amount of trial and error before achieving the desired equilibrium.


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