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YWLC Pay It Forward Mentorship 2020 – Workshop Series: Small Steps to Building Happiness

On 13 June 2020, over a rainy Saturday morning, the YWLC’s CE subcommittee held its first joint virtual workshop for mentors and mentees under the Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme 2020. Guest speakers, Leonard Tan and. Sherrill Gan, from AIA, shared insights on basic financial awareness and life hacks on building healthy financial habits. Leonard and Sherill kickstarted the session by sharing on the importance of starting the financial journey at a young age as the value of money appreciates over time due to the interest that money can earn. They also shared nifty tips on how to set financial goals, save for emergencies while emphasising the need to spend wisely and to protect oneself from scams.

With the rise of technology, there are many apps to help track one’s spending, the speakers also provided suggestions on which apps to use and how to use them so that it can easily become ingrained into one’s daily routine without a hassle.

However, building an enriched life goes beyond managing your finances. It is important to continuously develop oneself, learn new skills and make connections.

The workshop came to a close with an exciting finance quiz and Q&A session with the speakers. Participants were also challenged to a post-workshop “Call to Action” : To identify. discuss areas to work on and to set goals or embark on #30daychallenge to track and improve their finances.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to partners from ITE & IWF along with all the mentees and mentors who participated in the event. We'd also like to thank the CE sub-committee - Helena, Cheng Hui, Serene, Jodi and Nithya for contributing in many ways to make this workshop a success!


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