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Leadership Development Masterclass: Journey to Self-Mastery & Growth

Last month, the Leadership Development subcommittee organised a masterclass on the topic of “Journey to Self-Mastery & Growth”. Self-Mastery is crucial for personal & professional growth as it emphasizes accountability, intrinsic motivation, and adaptability. Ultimately, individuals who lead themselves effectively foster positive influence, continuous learning, and enhance decision-making in both personal & professional contexts. 

The masterclass was run by Litong Tan, a fellow YWLC member and founder of Gemeni - a coaching platform aimed at helping others become the best version of themselves. Litong Tan is an entrepreneur, tech product marketing strategist, and advocate for belonging in the workplace and with the self. Using The Enneagram framework, Litong delved deeper into the 9 types to help our participants understand their motivations, fears, behaviours, strengths and areas of development to become better leaders. 

What is The Enneagram?

The Enneagram, a dynamic personality system comprising nine distinct types, serves as a powerful tool for self-discovery and leadership enhancement. By understanding its principles, individuals can unlock valuable insights to foster personal and professional development. 

Interested in finding out your type? Take the quiz here

What was the session format?

The session consisted of two components:

  1. Understanding the types & introspection: As a trained Enneagram professional & coach, Litong expertly shared more about the types to guide members towards realizing their true potential and cultivate a growth mindset to achieve their goals & purpose in life

  2. Improving Collaboration with others: With the understanding of the Enneagram types, Litong curated case studies for participants to learn to communicate with others more effectively, resolve conflicts and create more meaningful relationships

Our key learnings:

1. Self-awareness as the Starting Point:

Discovering your Enneagram type lays the foundation for increased self-awareness. Recognizing habitual patterns of behaviour and thought is the first step toward personal growth and effective leadership.

2. Understanding Others for Improved Collaboration:

The Enneagram extends beyond individual insights, offering a framework to comprehend the diverse personalities within a team. This understanding enhances communication, empathy, and collaboration, contributing to more cohesive and productive work environments.

3. Tailoring Communication & Conflict Resolution Styles:

Each Enneagram type comes with its preferred communication style. Armed with knowledge about your type and that of your team members, you can tailor your communication for greater effectiveness, reducing misunderstandings and fostering positive interactions. Leaders can address conflicts at their source, working towards resolutions that satisfy the needs of all parties involved.

4. Motivation and Goal-setting Alignment:

The Enneagram aids in clarifying core values, motivations, and long-term goals. This self-understanding is crucial for setting meaningful personal and professional objectives, guiding decision-making, and inspiring teams.

At YWLC, we work towards nurturing a strong leadership potential in our community through various events - interested in collaborating with us? Reach out to to find out more!

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