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Highlights from the Pay-it-Forward Mentorship Programme 2023 Closing Ceremony

The YWLC Pay-It-Forward Mentorship Programme 2023 came to a memorable close on 7th October 2023

This year, YWLC continued our partnerships with the International Women's Forum and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College Central/College East. The Closing Ceremony marked the end of a fulfilling six-month journey that brought 40 pairs of YWLC members and mentees together from all backgrounds, and exemplified YWLC’s commitment to nurturing future female leaders.

Breaking the Ice: Building Connections with Bingo

To kick off the day on a high note, participants started with Bingo! This wasn’t your usual Bingo, but one that encouraged the mentors and mentees to seek out “one mentor/mentee that (they) haven’t spoken with yet!” We were very heartened especially by mentees who went out of their comfort zones, and to see everyone having meaningful conversation.

From Hearts to Hearts: Reflections and Expressions

After an eventful journey spanning six months, it was also important to allow space for mentors and mentees to reflect on PIF 2023 from their unique perspective. Through “making appointments” with each other, mentors and mentees got to share with others surprising or memorable moments in the programme, as well as their personal growth journeys. Seeing some more reticent mentees open up and be willing to share with the larger group their personal reflections was definitely a highlight!

One of our favourite moments of the PIF2023 was the Letter-Writing Activity. A crowd favourite in 2022, the activity provided mentors and mentees with the opportunity to creatively express their feelings and appreciations to each other, or to their future selves.

From Reflection to Celebration: Certificate Presentation

After a thrilling round of PIF 2023 trivia, we celebrated the dedication and hard work of all participants. ITE representatives, Ms. Foo Yoke Ying and Ms. Lynn Tan Sock Leng, along with Dr. Fong Cheng Hong from the International Women's Forum, presented certificates of completion to the mentees.

While PIF 2023 may have come to a close, we hope that the mentor-mentee relationships forged during these six months will continue to thrive. A mentor can be a spark and a guiding light. We hope that our mentors will continue to find ways in their lives to pay-it-forward, and our mentees will grow and shoot for the stars!

The Annual Pay-It-Forward Mentorship Programme

YWLC’s PIF Mentorship Programme is a 6-month mentorship programme in partnership with IWF and ITE. YWLC members mentor young women from IWF and ITE, and mentor-mentee pairs learn together and bring out the best in each other. Discover our past Personal Branding Workshop, delve into the masterclass Rising Above Challenges, and explore our enriching Human Library Experience.

Our Social Impact Sub-Committee will begin preparations for PIF 2024 starting Dec 2023, and we are continuously seeking to improve! If you're a YWLC member interested in organising Pay-It-Forward Mentorship Programme 2024, please reach out to us at

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the individuals who made this event possible! The PIF Organising Committee played a pivotal role in the programme's success. Their commitment and meticulous planning ensured a memorable experience for all participants.

Organising Team: Nicolette Tan, Samantha Lim, Joanne Ong, Tay Shi Pei, Valery Tan, Vigneswari A, Audrey Tim

Guests: Ms. Foo Yoke Ying, Ms. Lynn Tan Sock Leng, Dr. Fong Cheng Hong

Venue Partner: Ernst & Young Singapore

Author: Natalie Eng

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