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Kickass Ladies series: Ride and AMA with Bebe Ding

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The wolf pack represents a family unit, and that is what the folks behind CRU based their concept on – a community not just within a studio.

As part of the Kicking It Back with Kickass Ladies series, YWLC members took a high impact ride with Bebe Ding, one of the sibling trio who founded fitness studio, CRU. The session also included an Ask-Me-Anything segment where Bebe had an interactive session with members.

Bebe Ding leading the Ride with YWLC session.

Besides having a good workout and sweat, the ladies also learnt from Bebe’s experience in starting her own business and being an entrepreneur.

Here are some of the takeaways from the session: 1. Being an entrepreneur is like being on a roller coaster. You will have to make and trust your own decisions. It should not be based on people-pleasing, but rather, what is right for your business. It is important to constantly remind yourself what your original intention is and to always steer yourself back to the main goal, but it is equally important to also be adaptable to the ever-changing consumers’ needs. It will be stressful having many pairs of eyes on you as a leader and it will take courage to take risks and make daily business decisions.

The greatest leaders always walk the talk. So, lead by example, set the culture and your team will see your effort and respect can then be earned.

2. Be the one who creates what you’re passionate about. Bebe and her siblings, Calvin and Valerie, started CRU because they could not find what they loved and are passionate about doing in Singapore.

Cycling studios were huge in Los Angeles where they lived at, but did not exist in Singapore back when they first started. Bebe worked on creating the CRU brand with her siblings straight out of university. But as one of the first local spinning and boxing studios, they found it difficult to find the right type of instructor that they wanted, so Bebe had to train to be an instructor herself. 3. Never stop growing.

As the company grows, it is no longer just about her and her siblings, but the entire team as one. People management and development became the next big challenge. As part of the management team, they have to make sure that everything they do is working in the lines of social responsibility, passion, and putting in the necessary systems in place to ensure that their staff are motivated to become better individuals.

At CRU, the team believes that anything is possible. A new rider can become an instructor, and you can be who you want to be, with hard work (and a lot of sweat), dedication and passion.

Special thanks to Fruce for their fruit dessert drinks and Yong Hsin Yue, YWLC mentor, for the Project Acai superfood bowls.


The Kicking it Back with Kickass Ladies Series features member-exclusive experiences and young women trailblazers like Bebe to share their stories. Read her #kickassladies interview with us here.

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Organising Committee: Membership

Organising Team: Brenda Lee, Tan Li Tong

Author: Joey Ong Graphics: Tay Mingfang

Partner: CRU


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