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Building Your Mentorship Journey

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The YWLC Mentorship Programme kicked off the our 9-month cycle with a Commencement Workshop that took place on the 12 August 2023, at Temasek Shophouse. We officially welcomed our 2023/2024 batch of mentees, and had the opportunity to hear candidly from a couple of our mentors on building a successful mentor-mentee relationship.

An insightful fireside chat comprising of Ms Cecilia Tan, Vice President, Global Government Relations & Public Policy, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa at P&G, and Ms. Karen Ong, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Regional Managing Director at LUXASIA. Moderated by our fellow YWLC member, Hafizah Beevi, our mentors shared their advice on how to make their mentorship journey fruitful and rewarding.

Our mentors shed light on the key elements that pave the way for a productive mentorship journey, which are summarized below:

  1. Transparency and Openness

Upfront communication is the building block of your mentorship journey. Candid conversations about aspirations, concerns, and expectations are highly encouraged. By setting a foundation of open dialogue, mentors and mentees can establish a shared vision and understanding, enabling them to work together effectively.

2. A Mutual Learning Experience

Rather than a one-sided exchange of wisdom, mentorship is a dynamic relationship in which both parties contribute and gain insights. Be open about your perspective or the unique challenges that you face. This reciprocal learning enables mentors to understand your situation better and provide an alternative perspective.

3. Lessons from Mistakes

Come to the programme with an open mind. There is always something to take away, even if you come from differing industries. Mentors impart their wisdom and advice based on mistakes and challenges in their own journeys. Learning from these experiences can help mentees avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions. Mistakes are valuable stepping stones on the path to success, and mentors can provide invaluable guidance on how to navigate them.

4. Trust through vulnerability

Allow yourself to be vulnerable in the process of building trust. Mentees should feel comfortable opening up about their uncertainties and insecurities, as mentors reciprocate by sharing their own experiences. This exchange of vulnerability fosters a two-way street for a well-rounded mentorship experience, allowing both parties to support each other in meaningful ways.


Guest speakers: Ms Cecilia Tan (Vice President, Global Government Relations & Public Policy, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, P&G), Ms. Karen Ong (Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Regional Managing Director, LUXASIA) .

Partner: P&G, Temasek Shophouse

Organising Team: Caren Tso, Casherine Goh, Hafizah Beevi, Alicia Lee, Vivian Sim, Jamie Low, Baey Yan Ling, Kelly Ong, Khai Shing Chua, Vivian Lim

Author: Caren Tso

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