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Female & Fearless Digital 2021 Kickoff

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

It is never too early to explore the possibilities in STEM careers! Female and Fearless (F&F) Digital 2021 was jointly organised with Goldman Sachs' Women in Engineering team for its third run on 30 October, kicking off programming workshops and a networking session for over 40 students from Yuan Ching, Springfield, and Edgefield Secondary Schools - all of which offer the UPLIFT programme, a MOE initiative to provide more support for disadvantaged students.

Jenny Du, Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, opened the session with inspiring insight, a peek into her current role, as well as her journey in the field of computer science and algorithmic trading. Students were then introduced to either basics of python programming or taught to create a chatbot on Telegram. They also heard valuable first-hand insights about careers in STEM and the latest technology trends such as digital art and NFTs. Kim Cheah from the Asia Client Services team at Goldman Sachs opened the Careers Engagement & Networking Session by sharing more about her journey in the field of technology, inspiring the girls with her brave journey. She asked them to embrace the challenges and uncertainties in their future careers, and also encouraged them to stay curious whilst taking risks to continuously learn and develop themselves.

Our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who contributed to a successful event. From little seeds grow mighty trees. We pledge to continue our efforts to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders!


Female & Fearless aims to impart leadership, goal-setting, confidence-building and digital skills to female teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old. We work with schools and non-profit organisations to identify girls who would best benefit from this workshop to seek clarity on educational and career pathways, and also gain confidence to create the lives they want to lead. To find out more about YWLC's Social Impact activities, click here.


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Author: Chua Khai Shing Editor: Joey Ong

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