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Communities that are Creating Real Value from the Ground Up

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

In this issue of YWLC’s Social Impact column, we want to shine a spotlight on local organisations and ground-up movements that are nudging us to think about the social impact we want, and enabling us to move towards a more informed and inclusive society.

CNA’s Heart of the Matter is a podcast that takes a deep dive into societal issues in Singapore. It has explored sexuality education in Singapore, SAP schools, ethnic quotas in HDB estates, mental health, income inequality and minimum wage. Recently, it invited Ambassador at Large Professor Tommy Koh, President of PPIS Hazlina Halim, and 21-year-old university student, Laura Sim for a conversation on Singapore’s social compact going forward. Of note, Ambassador Tommy Koh called Singapore a “very snobbish and hierarchical society” that looks down on Singaporeans who are essential to the security and welfare of the country. Do you agree? Check out the episode here.

Our Common Ground asks us to consider, “What is the city you long to see? How can we work on the change we long to see together?” This cultural change consultancy also runs a prototype civic centre and its long-term purpose is to create whole communities. It helps leaders and organisations develop the self-awareness and strategic skills they need to create the cultural change they long to see. Look up what they do on their website here and check out their podcast for change-makers here.

At Hush, hosts Germaine Tan, Hazelle Teo and Azura Goh provide local female perspectives on issues that may be taboo to talk about. Some issues they’ve explored include the policing of women’s clothes, conversations surrounding death, and work-life balance. In July, they also invited Minister of State Sun Xue Ling to discuss elective egg freezing in Singapore. Check out the episode here! invites techies to develop innovative digital tools to address societal issues. Some of the tools they have developed include a telegram bot that lets subscribers know when a particular blood type is running low, an initiative that allows migrant workers to call home for free, and a chatbot that recommends grants for charities and non-profits. Check them out here.

This column in YWLC’s monthly newsletter is also a platform for you to write about societal issues that you care about. If you’re interested to contribute, do write to to connect with us!


This article is part of the Social Impact column by the Social Impact subcommittee that focuses on social causes concerning women and children. Click here to learn more about the subcommittee and its initiatives.


Author: Audrey Tim

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