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TGIT Welcome Drinks (Oct 2023)

Last month, the Member Journey & Data Innovation (MJ & DI) subcommittee held our first TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) Welcome Drinks in 6 months. The quarterly event aimed at welcoming new members to YWLC, saw a turnout of over 40 members, who bonded with one another over a night of good food and games. Members also got to meet some of the attending Exco members, who addressed their questions on YWLC.


The event started off with a welcome speech by Cheong Yu Qian, Director of MJ & DI, who shared about her experiences with integrating into YWLC and her hopes for new members to make life-long friends in their YWLC journey. Members then enjoyed a series of games hosted by event lead, Francine Loh, and facilitated by the members of the MJ & DI subcommittee.

For the first game, members were seated at tables based on the conversation themes of their interest, and enjoyed hearty conversations over dinner and drinks. The groups then nominated a member to share a point of commonality among the group and the most interesting fact that they found about themselves from their conversations. For the second game, members enjoyed a YWLC-adapted version of Pictionary, where the groups are tasked to guess as many YWLC-related words as possible within the specified time. This easily became the highlight of the day, with full display of creativity and humour as members squeezed their brains to draw their way to victory. 

Keen to participate in the next run of TGIT Welcome Drinks? Keep a look out for 2024 runs of TGIT Welcome Drinks and related events on Glue Up and our official communication channels. Reach out to if you have any questions.

Organising Team: Cheong Yu Qian (Director of MJ&DI), Urmila Baskaran (Director of Member Engagement), Francine Loh (Event Lead), Aldea Zhang, Dayna Lee, Gillian Loh, Ong Chin Hwee, Seow Yuxin, Tan Hui Ying

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