YWLC Members Lead Webinar Encouraging Others to Overcome Fear, Build Good Habits and Set Boundaries

As we entered the third week of the circuit breaker, nearly 40 members joined us in a timely webinar on tips to find balance and develop resilience to navigate this difficult period and beyond. The session was facilitated by three YWLC members – Ratna, Renita and Elle, who volunteered their talent, experience and passion for coaching through this webinar. Ratna kicked off the webinar with a short meditation session to help the viewers relax. This was followed by Elle delving into the topic of overcoming fear and staying calm through awareness, acknowledgement, reflection and response. First, she had the viewers reflect on which stage of grief they were at. She then shared psychology-backed t

Nurturing Our Next Generation of Young Women

Amid the circuit breaker, this year's Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme came alive successfully on 11 April, with our first ever digital version of the kick-off! 30 young, passionate YWLC ladies and 30 mentees from ITE College Central and International Women's Forum (IWF) Singapore were in attendance on Zoom. The kick-off commenced with a welcome address by YWLC Executive Committee members and our programme partners. To better prepare first-time mentors and mentees, our attendees participated in a session which put together experiences, and useful advice and tips to get started by YWLC members and students who were previously mentors and mentees respectively. Key takeaways for mentors

Ground-Up COVID-19 Relief Initiatives by YWLC's Community

Photo credits Over this COVID-19 period, many of us are adjusting to a new normal, with long periods at home, socialising over a video conference or call, and finding new ways to work, eat, exercise, have fun, and even interact with our loved ones. While such abrupt changes in our lives can be frustrating, many of us are also cognisant that there are other groups who are harder hit and might be struggling to sustain their livelihoods, or are at constant risk of being exposed to the virus. What happens to those living from paycheck to paycheck, but cannot claim their salaries because they are working for a business that was deemed "non-essential"? Or the migrant workers who are currently at a

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