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YWLC Members Lead Webinar Encouraging Others to Overcome Fear, Build Good Habits and Set Boundaries

As we entered the third week of the circuit breaker, nearly 40 members joined us in a timely webinar on tips to find balance and develop resilience to navigate this difficult period and beyond. The session was facilitated by three YWLC members – Ratna, Renita and Elle, who volunteered their talent, experience and passion for coaching through this webinar.

Ratna kicked off the webinar with a short meditation session to help the viewers relax. This was followed by Elle delving into the topic of overcoming fear and staying calm through awareness, acknowledgement, reflection and response. First, she had the viewers reflect on which stage of grief they were at. She then shared psychology-backed tips such as: managing emotions through the traffic light model and the importance of shifting from reactive to proactive, and utilising positive intention by thinking about what you want to achieve, such as “I want to be energetic today”.

Ratna then explored ways to manage energy and attention during the Circuit Breaker period. She explained that when we multitask, attention is spread out and often slows down work progress. Explaining the Ultradian Rhythm and the Pomodoro Technique, she encouraged attendees to focus on one task at hand instead and to do these tasks in tune with energy cycles of 110 mins, like working for 90 mins then resting for 20 mins. She emphasised the importance of rest. Otherwise, we would be too tired for the next cycle of work. Ratna also shared habit-building techniques such as temptation building, habit stacking and the two-minute rule (do something every day for two minutes).

We ended the session off with Renita’s sharing on applying the above resilience tips in the areas of family, work and community. Renita’s messages on being kind to ourselves by setting boundaries and being conscious of giving ourselves more rest, resonated with attendees, especially those managing children at home. She also emphasised the importance of communicating intentions with colleagues and bosses during this Circuit Breaker period.

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