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Ground-Up COVID-19 Relief Initiatives by YWLC's Community

Over this COVID-19 period, many of us are adjusting to a new normal, with long periods at home, socialising over a video conference or call, and finding new ways to work, eat, exercise, have fun, and even interact with our loved ones.

While such abrupt changes in our lives can be frustrating, many of us are also cognisant that there are other groups who are harder hit and might be struggling to sustain their livelihoods, or are at constant risk of being exposed to the virus.

What happens to those living from paycheck to paycheck, but cannot claim their salaries because they are working for a business that was deemed "non-essential"?

Or the migrant workers who are currently at a higher risk of contracting the virus in crowded dormitories, and who might not draw salaries with the recent closure of construction sites and shipyards over the month?

This then shifts our focus to: what can I do to make things better?

At YWLC, some tried to answer that question in their own way. Come join them in their efforts:

Save Singapore's Event Industry - spearheaded by Tjin Lee, YWLC Mentor. Join the appeal for event professionals and companies to receive the same funding level of funding as industries like aviation, hospitality, and tourism. #SaveEventsSG

Purchase Care Packages for Migrant Workers - spearheaded by The Social Co., which is co-founded by Cheryl Chong, former Chairperson of YWLC's 4th Executive Committee. The Social Co. is working with Migrant Matters to prepare 3,200 care packages, which will include face masks, hand sanitisers, and dental care products. #MigrantMatters

Collate and Volunteer for COVID-19 Social Initiatives – Joanne Tan, Marketing & Communications subcommittee member. Joanne started a crowd-sourced spreadsheet detailing all Singapore's volunteering and job initiatives stemming from COVID-19. Her spreadsheet serves as a platform for you to share new or lesser-known initiatives, and to easily find a cause you want to help in. #HowCanIHelpSG

Sew Masks for the Community - Jalene Seah, Mentorship subcommittee member. Typically a fashion designer producing womenswear, Jalene has refocused her efforts by sewing reusable cloth masks to help provide more supply of masks in Singapore. Other than selling her masks on her Instagram page, she is also volunteering under Project Wellness to help sew reusable masks for beneficiaries such as the elderly and frontline VWO staff under If you know how to sew and would like to help, join her in Project Wellness here. You can also purchase a reusable fabric mask from her here.

Support Migrant Workers – an illustration created by Idea Ink, which is founded by Yee Hui, Leadership Development subcommittee member. Check out the illustration showing consolidated proposed solutions to support migrant workers, and find out what you can do to help.

If you are part of the YWLC community, and would also like to do a shout-out for your cause, please drop us a message here.

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