Mentorship Applications 2021


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Find out what we're up to and how you can be a part of our growing community!

Who We Are

We are a group of young women leaders, passionate to empower others and committed to drive positive impact within our communities.

New Initiatives

Future Women Leaders Forum

Calling all fresh grads and undergrads looking to take charge of their career. The forum will equip you with the skills needed to transition into the working world.



Do you own a startup or run your own business? Join the YWLC Entrepreneurs Circle and connect with like-minded women. 

Mothers of YWLC Circle

Are you a mum or mum-to-be looking to set up play-dates or hang out with other mums? We create a safe space for mothers in YWLC to support each other. 

What Our Members Say

Amu, 34,

Chief Operating Officer

& Co-Founder,

Da Vinci Group

“I love that all the events have great panelists and value-add. Everyone is very friendly and helpful in supporting each other. I gained many friends from YWLC Singapore and I like the community building and social support."

Priscilla Pang, 24

Law Student

“I have always wanted to connect with like-minded females who are driven and have the desire to improve our community. I really loved meeting many wonderful ladies in YWLC who exude great vitality and positive energy. “

Lynette Teo, 27,

Account Manager


“Being a member of YWLC has allowed me to immerse myself in a community of driven and ambitious women leaders, broadened my perspective and provided a platform for me to give back to the community. The mentorship programme was also a great opportunity for me to meet senior women leaders and gain a dedicated mentor to provide me with career guidance."

Who We Have Worked With