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YWLC Mentorship Virtual Info Session: An Insight into a Mentor-Mentee Relationship

YWLC Mentorship Virtal Info Session

On 2 May, we held our very first webinar for YWLC's Mentorship Programme Info Session. Prospective mentees learnt about the Mentorship Programme activities that will be facilitated throughout the nine-month journey.

Following which, Chong Ee Rong, Consultant and Non-Executive Director at Certis Group, and her mentee, Colette Zheng, Analyst at Finalta, McKinsey & Co, shared a first-hand account of their mentorship experience last year.

Colette, who was just starting her career at the beginning of the mentorship, detailed her mentorship experience, from the start of the application process, to deciding on her choice of mentor and how she built and maintained a good relationship with her mentor. Through Ee Rong, she was exposed to various networking sessions and was able to get relevant career advice and guidance, which she felt was impactful as she forayed into the working world. She also shared that it was this mentorship experience that inspired her to participate as a mentor in YWLC's Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme.

Ee Rong, who has been a mentor with YWLC and other organisations for many years, also shared that as much as her mentees were learning from her, she was also learning from them. For example, she started exercising more because Colette was constantly encouraging her to do so. The mentor-mentee relationship is very rewarding and is an ever-learning journey between both parties.

Both Colette and Ee Rong agreed that their official mentor-mentee journey might have come to an end but they have forged a friendship that will continue on.

Acknowledgements: We’d like to extend our thanks to Ee Rong and Colette for taking time to join the session and sharing their experience. Also, Claris Chua, Keely Cheong and Lyn Chan, from the Mentorship subcommittee, for organising the session.

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