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YWLC Mentorship 2020: A Quick Update and Recap

Since the close of registration on 16 May, we have received over 180 applications from young women across seven sectors (Finance, Government, Law, Sustainable Energy, Fashion, Arts and STEM) this year.

This is a whopping 36% increase from 2019!

Over the next few weeks, the Mentorship subcommittee will be reviewing applications and contacting shortlisted applicants. This also signals the end of the 2019 cycle of the Mentorship Programme, with a total of 74 mentees and 52 mentors.

Hear more from our mentors and mentees on their 9-month experience:

If you’ve missed this cycle, you can catch it again next year! Applications for the next cycle will open in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Nisha Rajoo, Daphne Ong, and Tay Mingfang, from the Marketing & Communications subcommittee, for managing the Mentorship Programme campaign.

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T Yitong
T Yitong
Apr 24, 2021

Hi! Can I check if the links for the mentorship experiences are updated? I am unable to access them from this post.

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