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YWLC x Project It’ll Be Alright: Mental Well-being

Everyone has at one point faced issues that have affected their mental well being. The third run of Female and Fearless (F&F) partnered with Project It’ll Be Alright (IBA) on 6 November for the first time to include mental well-being as a key theme for 45 secondary school students from Yuan Ching, Springfield, and Edgefield Secondary schools, all of which offer the UPLIFT programme.

IBA aims to promote awareness around mental health struggles by sharing empowering and uplifting stories. The workshop began with a story-sharing session which touched on topics such as “school”, “family and social relationships'', and “self-esteem and identity”. Through these relatable stories, the IBA volunteers set the stage for more intimate sharing sessions to discuss current mental health wellness challenges and ways to cope with them. Students were also separated into smaller groups, which provided a safe space for them to share stories openly and feel heard.

The workshop also had 3 panellists – Julia Leong, YWLC Mentor; Cannie Yeo, Assistant Senior Social Worker at AMKFSC; and Victoria Chan, Assistant Senior Counsellor/Social Worker at AMKFSC, to share their views on mental well-being challenges in Singapore and wellness tips to take away with.

We have the power to make a change by having more open conversations about these struggles and being there for one another. Don’t be afraid to rewrite your narrative, you are not alone in this journey!


Female & Fearless aims to impart leadership, goal-setting, confidence-building and digital skills to female teenagers aged 13 to 17 years old. We work with schools and non-profit organisations to identify girls who would best benefit from this workshop to seek clarity on educational and career pathways, and also gain confidence to create the lives they want to lead. To find out more about YWLC's Social Impact activities, click here.


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YWLC Volunteers: Elyse Lim, Gwen Liau, Baey Yan Ling, Chua Khai Shing, Helena Oh, Goh Ziyi, Huang Yixuan, Alicia Lim, Amanda Lye, Yin Tong YWLC Mentor: Julia Leong Partner: It’ll Be Alright IBA Volunteers: Syimah Jasni, Tiffany Choo, Karin Ng, Loke Si Yan, Cheyenne Tan, Halimah Jasni, Fionn, Yunyee, Qian Hong

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