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YWLC Carnival 2024

On 27 January 2024, YWLC held its inaugural Carnival followed by its annual Townhall, bringing together over 80 members and alumni from its community. Minister of State, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Manpower, Gan Siow Huang attended as Guest-of-Honour. The YWLC Carnival was a unique event for members to come together in a morning of fun and games to get a glimpse into upcoming YWLC events and initiatives, followed by an opportunity for members to have their say in shaping the future of YWLC.

The event kicked off with a carnival, where YWLC’s nine subcommittees showcased their scope and plans for the term through interactive games and activities at individual booths.  This offered YWLC members h deeper insights into each subcommittees' unique initiatives.

To open YWLC’s annual Townhall, YWLC’s Strategy Director Keerthana Janmugam welcomed YWLC members. Our esteemed Guest-of-Honour, Minister of State Gan Siow Huang, provided a Keynote Address on the value of a community like YWLC. Her address underscored YWLC's pivotal role in fostering growth, empowerment, and enduring connections -  laying the foundation for meaningful dialogues.

Thereafter, YWLC’s Chairperson Yvonne Mak and YWLC’s Vice-Chairperson Casherine Goh led an interactive townhall session, to share YWLC’s mission, subcommittee initiatives, and the 8th Exco’s key objectives and strategies, as well as gather feedback from members. Some of YWLC’s 8th Exco Directors and Deputy Directors also shared about some of YWLC’s new initiatives, such as the value of YWLC’s social impact initiatives, the first iteration of the Peer Mentorship Programme, and YWLC’s leadership development competencies. 

Some of the discussions focused on:

  • Tailoring programs to suit varying levels of advancement among women

  • Efforts to promote diversity and inclusion for individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds

  • Strategies to engage and include male allies

  • Addressing challenges faced by women with limited resources or working mothers

  • Prioritizing the elevation of member experience by enhancing communication channels and fostering greater community sharing

The carnival and townhall concluded with a sumptuous lunch by Nalati, accompanied by a social mixer and networking session, further facilitating connections among members. 

Our first ever YWLC Carnival symbolized a dynamic celebration, intertwining threads of connection and shared moments among our members. It pays homage to the value of our vibrant community, recognizing the ongoing collective journey we undertake together. 

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events, as we continue to honor and celebrate the diverse journeys of every woman in our community! 🎪✨

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