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Leadership Development Masterclass: Navigating the Narrative

YWLC held its Leadership Development Masterclass in March 2024, led by speaker and storyteller Anna Ong (Founder, What’s Your Story, Huh?), focused on mastering the art of effective communication. 

Anna led participants through interactive small group exercises, such as selling a household item for a use other than its created purpose, introducing the story of our name, and talking about a passion we do not usually tell people.  

Through these, participants learned to use appropriate language and tone tailored to their audience, and structure conversations and presentations for maximum impact.

In particular, Anna Ong taught attendees how to craft compelling narratives that resonate and inspire, and effectively articulate communication goals by knowing your audience. These exercises underscored the value of connecting with others on a deeper level, which is crucial for effective leadership. 

Various narrative structures covered included:

  • Compare, Contrast, Conclusion

  • Problem, Solution, Benefit

  • What, So What, No What

  • Beginning, Middle, End

At YWLC, we work towards nurturing a strong leadership potential in our community through various events - interested in collaborating with us? Reach out to to find out more!

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