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YWLC Diversity in Womanhood

YWLC Diversity in Womanhood series is YWLC’s flagship initiative aimed at  fostering conversations around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) issues impacting women. We believe that our community thrives when we celebrate individuality and authenticity in identities, interests and ideas. Through these thought-provoking conversations, this initiative aims to amplify diverse voices and perspectives, foster understanding and empower women towards a more inclusive and equitable world.

This year, YWLC partnered with Bumble, a women-first dating app, to ignite dialogue around DEI topics through a two-pronged approach. First, YWLC co-created a survey with Bumble to understand the current state and barriers to achieving gender equity in the realms of work, relationships and family in Singapore. This commissioned survey received 1,000 responses from Singaporean males and females across Gen Z and Millennial generations. A summary of the survey results were published in a Today article and here are the interesting key findings:

💡 Gen Z youths have higher expectations towards gender equity than millennials and want more to be done.

💡 There is a mismatch in expectations between men and women towards gender equity amongst both millennials and Gen Zs.

💡 Gender equity in Singapore is moving in the right direction, but still has room to grow.

In order to discuss these survey findings and unpack what it means to be a woman of today and tomorrrow, YWLC x Bumble's Diversity in Womanhood: Women of Today and Tomorrow event took place on 2 December 2023, Saturday at The Great Room, Afro Asia. The event kicked off with an insightful panel discussion where a panel of speakers with specific expertise shared their perspectives on prevailing gender equity challenges, dissecting nuanced stereotypes and expectations women face:

Minister of State Sun Xueling: Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family

Rahul Daswani: Lead, HeForShe Singapore

Su-Ann Nair: Chief of Staff at Google Cloud, APAC

Liyana Dhamirah: Entrepreneur and CARE Programme Manager at AWARE

Mahima Kaul: APAC Public Policy Director of Bumble

Following the panel discussion, attendees actively participated in intimate group discussions, navigating themes of work, career, relationships, and family. This interactive format facilitated personalized conversations and diverse experiences.

Here is a summary of some actionable tips shared during the event:

  1. Defining "Having It All": The event encouraged participants to reflect on their individual definitions of "having it all," recognizing the subjectivity of the concept and the influence of societal expectations. Instead of fixating on having it all, it is more important to be present, observe, and cultivate gratitude for what you already have. 

  2. Striking a balance: Actionable insights were shared to help women navigate the complexities of balancing various aspects of their lives. It is important to make time for self-validation, reflection, and to define the roles you want to take on in your personal and professional journey. Gain support from people around you and create healthy boundaries.

  3. Gain clarity and focus: Introspection is a continuous process of understanding yourself, so set time to do so to gain clarity on your priorities. Choose one or two priorities and come up with action plans to execute your plans. Remind yourself that life is short, so seize every opportunity you have.

  4. Own your choices and celebrate your wins: Your choices are valid and you should find comfort in your own skin. Be it small or big wins, take time to celebrate your achievements. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

  5. Your mental health is important: Recognize that you cannot please everyone and there is a need to manage your own expectations. By reflecting on three positive things every day, you are being kind to yourself and can create a better mental space. In the pursuit of balance, being compassionate towards your own journey is crucial.

  6. Enjoy the journey: Instead of focusing on the outcome, enjoy the experience instead as the journey will bring immense value to your growth. 

Quotes of the day that resonated with the attendees:

⁃ “Having it all is having everything that is valuable to me and most aligned with my values.”

⁃ “What’s holding me back is often me.”

⁃ “Let’s remind ourselves that life is short. We will be the youngest we are today. Seize the day!”

Through the event, we  created a supportive and inclusive space for women and allies to share perspectives, contributing to a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by women in Singapore. We hope that attendees will carry these insights forward, championing the evolution of women's roles and fostering a more equitable and inclusive future. 

Interested in collaborating with YWLC over future Diversity in Womanhood series or DEI-focused events? Reach out to!

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