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Youths Emerging Stronger (YES!): Job Search in the COVID Environment

The ripple effect of the pandemic has disrupted the natural transition of many youths - from graduation to finding new jobs. How can our youths today traverse the current economy and find their own footing?

In collaboration with the People's Association Youth Movement, YWLC brought together three speakers to share their own journey and how they carved out their own paths through several trial and errors.

  • Halynne Shi, Assistant Manager, E-commerce (Merchant Operations), Changi Airport Group and Deputy Director of Membership, Young Women’s Leadership Connection

  • Shermin Ho, Specialist (IT Business Partner - Veeva CRM, Quality / Regulatory / Content Management Systems), iNova Pharmaceuticals and Leadership Development Subcommittee Member, Young Women's Leadership Connection

  • Clara Lai, Senior Teacher, Write Edge and Mentee, Young Women's Leadership Connection Mentorship Programme 2020

Here are some key takeaways for you to consider and we hope it also inspires you to carve out your own paths and be less afraid of trudging into the unknown.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

Adversities are not meant to break you, but show how resilient you are. It tests your flexibility and adaptability. As the saying goes, it is the survival of the fittest out in the working world, but it is also how fast you can pivot, adapt and adjust to new situations and make it work.

You are the captain of your own ship

Every situation, story, scenario is different with a myriad of variables. Comparing lives with others, will only leave you feeling debilitated and insecure. Use the 5Cs - career progression, culture, compensation, convenience, and cause - to evaluate your career paths and options based on your circumstances at this point. It is important to know that your priorities and needs will continue to keep changing at different pit stops of your life and that you should not keep holding on to what you have always wanted.

It is okay to not know what you want, but don’t stop searching

Not all of us are immediately clear on which path we want to take, often we go through several processes before landing on that one specific interest or passion. The key thing to note, is to keep trying out different roles until you find that one. Be open about the roles and what it entails because opportunities are lurking everywhere, whether it is people you meet or the soft and hard skills that you learn from each role.

What to keep in mind when you are job searching?

  • Narrow down your baseline requirements. E.g. Work life balance, five-day work week

  • The world is your oyster: Consider opportunities across sectors and across functions

  • Your world is as big and as open as your mindset

  • Presentation: First impression and etiquette counts!

  • Dress appropriately for the occasion, always put your best foot forward and etiquette! Even if you’ve decided not to attend a specific interview, inform the respective companies.

How do you expand your search for opportunities?

  • Join networking events across the various platform (virtual or physical), associations or communities

  • Reach out to them whether it is casual or business

  • Create value adding content to showcase your own knowledge, initiative as well as provide your network with the opportunity to connect with you.

We know that often it is easier said than done and the challenges and struggles are aplenty. But with each obstacle, will come growth and learnings.


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Organising Team: Wong Jia Yun, Kelley Wong

Author: Tabitha Chee

Editor: Joaquim Tan

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