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The Power of Connection: Member Matchups

Could there be a stranger time to forge social connections than during a period when we have seen the most dramatic global effort ever to keep people socially distant? Yet in such turbulent times, these social connections matter more than ever.

With the number and diversity of female leaders steadily rising among the YWLC community, how can they connect and build deeper friendships in a time when face-to-face networking is limited?

Member Matchups proved to be the answer to these questions. Initiated in August 2020, it provided a platform for members to match with fellow members in the YWLC community with whom they are interested to meet, based on similar interests, careers, or even passion projects.

Through thoughtful curation, participants bypass the traditional networking process of exploring whether there are common interests, and can deep dive into having fruitful conversations with their ‘match’. The meeting experience is self-directed by participants, taking into account their personal preferences and comfort levels of each person, to enable them to make the most of their meeting.

By finding creative ways to help members form new friendships, the YWLC community has emerged stronger from the pandemic with a more versatile model that is independent of physical space and a common time across all participants.

The informal networking format also means that participants can instantly establish strong and meaningful ties even under strict restrictions, marking a shift away from the conventional model of networking events.

What’s next on the horizon?

The organising committee will be looking into ways to ensure that each match can be sustained, effectively enabling each lady to have made a long-lasting friendship through YWLC!


Keen to organise the next edition of Member Matchups? Drop your interest in the YWLC Instagram channel (@ywlcsg) or email

Member Matchups is currently in its third edition, and the next run will commence in the first quarter of 2021.

The Power of Connection series is part of the Membership Campaign where we put a spotlight on what goes on behind the scenes as well as showcase the types of connections members can forge within the organisation.

Keep a look out for the second part of the series, where we hear from Cassandra Tan – YWLC alumni who was part of the 2nd Executive Committee.

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Organising Committee: Membership Subcommittee

Artwork: Tabitha Chee

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