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SheLeads 360: A holistic journey to self-mastery

Our recent Leadership Roundtable held in Apr 2024, in partnership with MoneyHero Group, focused on the importance of holistic leadership and self-mastery. We invited expert speakers Khatija Aslam, Sonam Mahajan, Kim Underhill and Hui Juan Neo to shed light on topics such as intrapreneurial mindset, health, relationships & financial leadership.

The event covered four key topics in the form of a panel discussion and two mini-masterclasses that participants attended: 

Financial Leadership [Speaker: Hui Juan Neo]

Attendees explored the essence of financial leadership and practical applications in their lives. Key discussions included overcoming barriers to financial planning, balancing short-term goals with long-term security, and actionable steps for financial success. Our speaker from Seedly highlighted common financial products and resources for building a solid foundation. Participants left equipped with strategies to confidently manage personal finances and achieve financial independence.

Health & Finding Balance [Speaker: Sonam Mahajan]

The Health & Finding Balance segment focused on maintaining a sound mind and managing energy to achieve goals. Participants learned to define and find balance in their lives through practical tips on managing various aspects such as family and career. Strategies for regulating emotions during difficult moments and navigating societal expectations were shared. The session provided insights into achieving personal fulfillment while maintaining mental and emotional well-being, empowering attendees to maximize their potential.

Relationships & Setting Boundaries [Speaker: Kim Underhill]

In our Relationships & Setting Boundaries segment, participants learned to manage relationships while effectively communicating boundaries. Discussions included managing stakeholders and developing assertiveness skills. Attendees gained practical advice on maintaining healthy relationships and confidently saying no when necessary or presenting themselves well and succinctly to others.

Adopt an Intrapreneurial Mindset to Excel in Your Career [Speaker: Khatija Aslam]

This session on adopting an intrapreneurial mindset emphasized acting like an entrepreneur within an organization and in the participants’ personal lives. Participants received advice on applying an entrepreneurial mindset in their daily jobs and encouraging innovation within teams. There was a focus on articulating vision, goals, aspirations, and areas of development using a handy worksheet. The event inspired attendees to think productively and forward-thinkingly, driving excellence in their careers and personal lives.

As we reflect on the impact of this event, we are inspired by the collective enthusiasm and commitment of our members. Together, we are fostering a community dedicated to holistic leadership and continuous growth. We look forward to building on this momentum with more engaging and empowering events in the future.

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