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Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme: Guiding and Inspiring the Younger Generation of Girls (Part 2)

Continuing our interview series with the Community Engagement (CE) team, we hear from three groups of women — different perspectives from the co-lead, partner, and mentor-mentee pairs — from the Pay It Forward (PIF) Mentorship Programme. The PIF Mentorship Programme is a six-month long programme for YWLC members to pay it forward by being mentors to younger generations of girls, providing guidance to them in navigating through studies, careers and life.

Read on to hear about the different perspectives shared by women who have contributed to past and current runs of the PIF Mentorship Programme!

In this second part of the PIF interview series, we have Danielle Chan, 2019 PIF Mentor and her mentee, Nur Amirah Bte Anis, to share with us more about cultivating their mentor-mentee relationship during the programme.

How did you find the PIF Mentorship experience in 2019?

Amirah: The PIF Mentorship experience I had in 2019 was memorable. During my last year in ITE, I had a lot of concerns regarding my future. Having Danielle as my mentor allowed me to have an open mindset in the different routes I can select after my ITE education.

Throughout the mentorship programme, I shared my worries and fears and Danielle guided me in organising through my thoughts. With Danielle as my mentor, I have learnt a lot from her and have gained another adult figure whom I can rely and depend on.

Danielle: It was a memorable and enriching experience for me as it was the first time I had the opportunity to meet and mentor someone younger officially.

I’m really lucky to have met Amirah through the programme and am grateful for the friendship that came out from this. Amirah was easy-going, honest, hardworking and genuine, she made the entire experience enjoyable. During the programme, we met up multiple times to check in on each other and share our updates, be it challenges or achievements we were facing.

I was really encouraged to hear how much she had benefited from the conversations we had and it made me realise that you’ll never know what you share can make a positive impact on someone else’s life, so the most important thing is just to take on the role of a supportive friend.

How would you describe the mentorship and mentee style you both have, and how does that play out in your mentor-mentee interactions and relationship?

Amirah: I think both our personalities are a good match, so that made it easier for me to express my feelings and thoughts freely with Danielle. Both of us are very family-oriented and recognise the importance of our family and loved ones.

Our interactions are very comfortable, sharing not just the usual topics of studies and work, but also interests and hobbies with each other. This has helped especially at the start of the mentorship programme in understanding more about my mentor.

Danielle: Although the programme started out as a mentor-mentee relationship, I think our ability to connect with one another through genuine conversations about life, family, friends made it more like a newfound friendship.

Our relationship and interactions helped us to bond within a short period of time and help us to grow together as we constantly update each other on our lives.

What is one significant takeaway for you from this programme?

Amirah: One significant takeaway for me from this programme is the friendship forged with my mentor, Danielle.

Through our conversations and meet ups, we have grown closer and are still contacting each other up till this point! It really feels like Danielle is an older sister which I never thought I needed.

Danielle: Amirah! As a mentor, although I was showing my support and providing guidance to her, I was also inspired by her courage as she shared about her personal growth stories.

To add on to what Amirah shared, she’s like a younger sister I never thought I needed!

Any words of advice for current mentors and mentees onboard the programme, or are looking to explore this in future?

Amirah: Be yourself during the programme! I think it is important for you to be your own being so that your relationship with your mentor will flow more comfortably.

It is also important to speak out about your emotions or concerns that you have with each other to understand and communicate with one another better. Most importantly, have fun throughout the programme and create memories with each other!

Danielle: Join the programme without any expectations and figure out your relationship styles along the way. See it more as an opportunity to make a new friend and a process of mutual growth. It’ll be an enriching experience for you to create fun memories together!

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