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Pay It Forward Mentorship 2020 - Call for Mentors!

For most of us, we are blessed with the opportunity to be mentored by women who are more established in their careers and lives. Have you ever thought of how you can play a different role?

YWLC's Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme is a platform for YWLC members to offer guidance to mentor our younger generation of girls. This 6-month long programme is organised in partnership with ITE College Central and International Women's Forum (IWF).

The profile of mentees are girls who do not typically have access to such development opportunities or are from financially-challenged situations, yet have the aspiration to better themselves.

Some highlights from our past young mentors:

  • “My mentee and I are polar opposites - being different from each other helped us to identify blind spots for personal and professional growth. I quickly realised that a successful mentorship journey is always a two-way track!” - Nithya Karthikeyan

  • “The mentorship experience has been an enriching journey for me, as I guide my mentee to discover her career aspiration, it also helps me to uncover my passion in coaching. Thank you YWLC!” - Ratna Juita

Here is an overview of activities over the course of programme. These activities serve as additional opportunities for mentors and mentees to come together. We strongly encourage that you sign up only if you are able to commit to these activities:

11 Apr (AM): Mentorship programme commencement + training

23 May (PM): Mentor-mentee gathering

13 Jun (AM): Themed workshop 1

11 Jul (AM): Themed workshop 2

29 Aug (PM): Mentor-mentee gathering

19 Sep (AM): Closing ceremony

Note: Above line-up is subject to changes.

We are looking for 20 - 25 young mentors who are YWLC members. Do register your interest with the required information here by 6 Mar. We will review and notify successful applicants accordingly. Feel free to reach out to should you have questions.

Join us on this journey today to empower more young women!

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