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Achieving Impact and Building an Inclusive Community

The Young Women's Leadership Connection (YWLC) held its Annual Townhall and Social Mixer on January 14th at The Hive. The event provided updates on the impact the YWLC community had collectively achieved in 2022 and an open conversation on what members hope to see in 2023. Attendees were also given information on upcoming events, projects posted on the Job Opening Board, and the 8th Executive Committee (Exco) nomination process that was just around the corner.

The mixer provided an opportunity for members to engage with each other, sharing their primary reasons for joining YWLC, such as networking, leadership development, mentorship, or social impact. This allowed members to expand their personal networks and get to know new and existing members better. Members first, always

The Townhall was led by Chairperson Kelley Wong and Vice-Chairperson Colette Zheng. Kelley provided a summary of 2022, highlighting that 41 events were held involving over 300 members. Four new initiatives were also launched, including the Alumni Programme, Leadership Roundtable, Patrons Programme, and Social Impact and Thought Leadership Columns. These initiatives and events fostered greater long-term member engagement and accommodated for members’ varied interests and hobbies.

Building an inclusive community for all industries, ethnicities, and backgrounds

A key focus of the 7th YWLC Exco was building a diverse and inclusive community. This was achieved by seeking a broader representation in speaker profiles during events and creating a safe space for conversations from different perspectives through the “Diversity in Womenhood” event series.

Staying relevant in changing times

Colette shared about how YWLC aimed to foster a culture of creativity and innovation through its programmes. This included recent efforts to launch a Telegram chat to enhance member communications, a subcommittee website to consolidate materials and facilitate communications, and developing in-house thought leadership.

Creating opportunities for strategic and sustainable growth and impact

YWLC aims to create long-term value for its members and partners. To this end, the Patrons and Alumni Programmes were launched to foster strong and long-term partnerships and keep graduated members connected.

Leading the charge for women impact

Additionally, YWLC hopes to set an example, provide education, and build awareness of women in leadership by collaborating with organizations such as Aware to educate members on gender equality issues in Singapore and developing the Leadership Roundtable series.

Overall, 2022 was a great year for YWLC. The 7th Exco led the community to use their shared empathy, energy, and resources to create positive changes in the community. The event ended with details on the upcoming elections for the 8th Exco that would take place on 29 May 2023, including the timeline for the nomination, campaigning, and election process as well as the opportunities and commitment involved in leading the organization.

We encourage all eligible individuals to take the opportunity to join the 8th YWLC Exco and play a vital role in shaping the future of women's leadership through YWLC! Applications are open from now until 17 March 2023, Friday. Interested candidates may apply here.



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