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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join YWLC as a member? What is the application process?

You can fill the membership application form here.


Applicants will be informed of their application outcome within 4-6 weeks.

2. What if I do not meet all the membership requirements?


We regret that if you do not meet the membership requirements, you will not be eligible to be a member. However, we welcome you to apply once you meet all our membership requirements.

3. Why is participation in community service activities a membership requirement?

We believe that one of the hallmarks of a successful woman leader is the desire to give back to society. As such, we would like to cultivate a member base interested in community causes.


Hence, we require applicants to have to have demonstrated involvement and interest in community service activities.

4. Why is a fee necessary for membership?


Your membership fee helps to cover a portion of our operation costs and overheads, including the very maintenance of this website!

Please be assured that your fees will be used prudently and you will be kept informed - the Executive Committee will present a set of financial accounts during every Biennial General Meeting for members'  information and inspection.

In addition, the membership fee is a sign of your commitment to YWLC.

5. How long does the membership last?


Members have an option to renew their membership on an annual basis. Existing members are eligible to renew their membership till the age of 40.


For members whose membership has lapsed after the age of 35 or have attained the age of 40 and are no longer eligible for membership renewal, we will be piloting an Alumni Programme to allow you to remain a part of the community. There is a one-time fee payment for the programme.


As part of this pilot, select YWLC members below the age of 35 but who have contributed significantly to the organisation for no less than 3 years during their period of membership may be invited to join the Alumni Programme on a discretionary basis. 


For queries on the Alumni Programme, please write to us at

6.  How much commitment is required to be a member?

Members are free to commit any level of time or resources they deem within their ability.


This ranges from attending events such as International Women's Day, networking sessions and leadership workshops, to participating in our Mentorship Programme and social impact activities.

Members can also join subcommittees such as Data Innovation, Leadership Development, Mentorship, and Member Recruitment. If you are in a subcommittee, you are expected to attend subcommittee meetings, and assist in the running of activities under your subcommittee.


You can find out more about subcommittees here.

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