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Member Circle FAQs

1. What’s the criteria for Circle approval?

Proposed Circles will be evaluated for overlap in scope with existing subcommunities within YWLC and alignment with YWLC’s mission and vision.

2. Will YWLC be providing any budget or sponsorship for Circle activities?


Request for funding can be submitted to the YWLC Executive Committee (Exco) for consideration via the Circle Representative, and approval of funding will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Activities which provide positive impact beyond the Circle Members e.g. to the YWLC community, and further YWLC’s mission and vision will be considered favourably.

3. What will happen if the number of Circle Members (including founding members) falls below 5 pax?

YWLC Members Circles will need to maintain a minimum of five members with active YWLC membership status.


When the Circle membership falls below this number, the Circle will be given a probationary four-week period to ensure that it is able to recruit new members and maintain the minimum member count. Failing which, the Circle will be suspended and a new proposal will have to be submitted to restart the Member Circle.

4. Why should I start a YWLC Member Circle, as opposed to a private interest group?


You will benefit from the following if you start a Circle with YWLC:

(i) publicity for Circle on all our relevant publicity channels (e.g. will list as Circle on our website). This means all members with such interest will be directed to this Circle instead of other unofficial subcommunities.

(ii) funding and network-wide resources (e.g. mentors / relevant event partners) for Circle initiatives on a case-by-case basis.

(iii) official administrator who can help to support on logistics (e.g. on-board new members after checking their membership status, set up webinars or meetings using the official YWLC zoom account, advise on organisation-wide event calendar to prevent clashes with other YWLC events).

5. What is the approval process like?


1. Members Circle proposal to be submitted here

2. Proposal will be considered by the YWLC Exco and approval of the Member Circle will be given within 4 to 6 weeks from the date of submission. All Exco decisions regarding Circle approval is final.


3. On approval of the Member Circle, the Director of Member Engagement will reach out to the Circle Lead via email (founding members in CC) to provide notice of approval and to discuss launch plans.


4. A representative from the Member Engagement subcommittee (“Circle Representative”) shall be assigned to each Members’ Circle to provide support to the Circle where needed in relation to:

(i) verification of Circle Members’ YWLC membership status.

(ii) be the conduit for the Circle to access the broader organization’s resources e.g. external partners, marketing channels, mentors and sponsorship for events (if necessary).

5. The Circle should be launched within a month from approval, including:


Marketing materials to be prepared in collaboration with the Marketing & Communications subcommittee and shared on
YWLC’s social media channels (Instagram and Internal Facebook Group) and Newsletter.

(ii) Google Registration form which should minimally include registrants’ names, YWLC-registered email addresses and phone numbers to be created. Additional questions asking registrants’ preference for specific event/workshop topics can also be included.

(iii) Circle Lead to create a Telegram chat to serve as a primary communication channel for the group. The Director of Member Engagement and Circle Representative must be added to the chat as administrators to help verify Circle Members’ membership status.

(iv) Circle Lead, Founding Members and Circle Members shall not add in members whose membership status has not been verified.


6. The first meet-up between Circle Members to be arranged within 3 months of Circle formation.

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