Networking Events

YWLC welcomes diversity. Whether you are a young graduate seeking career advice, or mid-careers professional seeking networking and opportunities to give back, or returning from an overseas stint, we welcome you to our next networking event.

Networking forms a core pillar of YWLC - in order to support young Singaporean women in their leadership journey, we host networking events regularly to connect aspiring leaders with inspirational ones.

Many of our networking events are centred around key industry developments to provide members with the opportunity to exchange ideas with leaders of these industries. In addition, members will be invited to exclusive dinners and fireside chats with prominent women achievers, including women who sit on YWLC’s mentorship board, to learn from their paths to success. To onboard new members, YWLC also hosts cosy catch-up sessions every quarter.


To find out about upcoming networking events, do keep a look out for updates at our monthly newsletter here.

If you are interested in attending or speaking at a YWLC Networking session, please contact:

Interest Groups

YWLC also organises interest groups for women with similar interests to connect, learn new skills and have fun together. Such groups include entrepreneurship, crafts, investment and even travelling!

If you would like to set up an interest group, do contact our: 

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