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 “Looking back on my own career, I wish I could have benefited from mentorship as well as networking. YWLC provides just that. It allows young ladies to tap the experiences of women who are more established in their careers and lives and this gives them the networking opportunities as well.”

Ms Grace Fu

Chairperson, YWLC Council of Advisors

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth; Leader of the House; Member of Parliament for Yuhua SMC


Application for 2020 Mentorship Programme has closed.

Applications for the next cycle - YWLC Mentorship Programme 2021 will open in 2nd Quarter of 2021.

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Why Join YWLC’s Mentorship Programme?

Aimed at high potential young women seeking guidance in their professional careers and personal lives, this prestigious programme offers YWLC members an exclusive opportunity to be mentored by some of Singapore’s most accomplished women leaders across various industries and sectors.

The programme was initiated in March 2009 and is currently in its eleventh cycle. Whether you are new to the workforce or contemplating a mid-career switch, this programme provides an avenue to interact with and gain valuable advice from some of the best in their fields. You may even opt for a mentor outside of your industry, if a change of perspective is what you need.

Every mentor-mentee relationship is special in its own way, with mentors playing different hats such as your role model, cheerleader, counsellor, tactical coach or even your most honest critic.

Programme Structure

We seek to achieve the following over a nine month period:

Act as an official platform for mentees and mentors to connect and develop fulfilling, long-term relationships with one another

Enhance learning and personal development of mentees through guidance from mentors as well as exclusive leadership development activities for mentees

Provide an avenue for mentees and mentors to make meaningful contributions to the community

As a Mentee, What Commitments

Am I Expected to Fulfill?

Mentees are expected to fulfill each of the following:

  • Meet with her mentor at least 4-5 times over the 9-month period

  • Attend YWLC events regularly

  • Participate in at least one YWLC community engagement project

  • Join and contribute towards one of YWLC’s Sub-Committees

  • Provide comprehensive feedback during mid-term and year-end evaluations

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How Do I Join This

Mentorship Programme?

This programme is only open to existing YWLC members*.

Members go through a rigorous selection process consisting of a series of phone and face to face interviews before they are accepted to the programme and matched to a mentor.

*Priority will be given to active YWLC members who have not participated in the Mentorship programme before

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