Leadership Development

YWLC aims to nurture young women leaders through offering a range of leadership initiatives forwomen to understand their personal leadership style, as well as hone their mindsets and skills.


These initiatives include programmes such as panel sessions and experiential workshops, and opportunitiesto step up to take on leadership positions in project management.

Life Hacks

Life Hacks are short and intensive sessions that offer bite-sized practical tips which leave participants with clear and actionable takeaways that can be put into practice immediately. The sessions include

101 lectures, experience-sharing panels, and short exercises.

Master Classes

Master Classes are immersive and experiential workshops focused on allowing participants to build specific competencies and facilitate self-reflection. These sessions feature experiential learning exercises such as role-plays, team discussions and personal sharing sessions.

Leadership Programmes

To provide for each individual’s learning preference and availability, we have two main types of leadership programmes:

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