YWLC Launches its First Member Matchup Programme!

When asked, “Why did you join YWLC?” The most common response is “To meet like-minded individuals” or “To make friends and create new connections”.

At YWLC, the opportunities to create new connections are aplenty with the various types of events and workshops happening each month. With the new way of life, however, face-to-face engagements unfortunately had to cease for now. But that does not mean that creating new connections stops at that!

Fulfilling one of the main objectives of YWLC to be the platform for members to create new connections, the Member Matchup Programme was launched to be the platform where members can reach out and connect with other members. Members are carefully matched with each other based on an application form upon registration.

Its inaugural edition on 20 and 22 August brought together over 60 members, across various industries and backgrounds, who were looking to explore new projects, understand the different industries, how to potentially make a career pivot, or simply to seek advice from women with similar experiences.

Attendees of the inaugural Member Matchup Programme​

Learning is a never-ending journey and as each member were matched, there were a couple of learning points highlighted that can be applied across every aspect of life!

  • Listen actively Good conversations are always a two-way affair. There is always something to learn from everybody and anybody, whether it is through their experience or something that they have heard and are now sharing it. It is through active listening that we are able to have meaningful conversations and create deeper connections.

  • Take the reins of new opportunities Do not be afraid to use the YWLC network to meet someone or learn something new. YWLC is where it is today, because it is empowered by young women from various backgrounds, industries and personalities across the nation who want to connect and contribute. The only stupid question is the one that is never asked!

  • If you want to be seen, you have to put yourself out there The most successful people are also the most connected and we can see why. Sure, it gets awkward at first but it will also get better. Do not be afraid of stumbling as you gradually find your new comfort zone and embrace the journey of constantly honing your authentic self to put in front of everyone and anyone.

Every participant walked away with at least two new connections and learnings from two different ladies! It is then entirely up to every individual on how the connections are maintained and how we can learn from each other.

Stay tuned for more details on the next Member Match up! Subscribe to the YWLC Newsletter here or follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) to be the first in line to know when the next edition will launch!

Organising Committee: Membership Subcommittee

Organising Team: Brenda Lee, Halynne Shi, Tan Kim Yee

Artwork: Joey Ong, Teo Huey Yun

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