PIF: #IamRemarkable Workshop with Google

As a woman, an Asian, or a young person, it can feel unnatural and uncomfortable to publicise your accomplishments. But in this age of personal branding, if you don’t blow your own horn, who will?

On 29 August 2020, YWLC in collaboration with Google, put together the #IamRemarkable workshop for thePay It Forward (PIF) Mentorship Programme to empower participants to speak openly about their successes without guilt or fear.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

  • Celebrate your achievements unapologetically While this might not come naturally to some of us, note that what you share is not considered bragging as long as it is fact-based. In addition, the medium in which you share matters too. it can be surprisingly uplifting and empowering to recognise our achievements through writing, or saying them out loud. Give it a try! Complete this sentence - “I am remarkable because…”

  • Recognise what holds you back When you are reluctant to share an achievement, explore your feelings a bit deeper. What is stopping you? Is this reluctance well-founded or does it come from deep seated insecurities? Take time to reflect and understand, because sometimes your inner voice is your greatest enemy.

  • Speak up about your value, it is essential to success Accomplishments do not speak for themselves. Self-promote by speaking honestly about our achievements. Start by practicing with friends. This is a powerful way to reframe our perception of self-promoting and give ourselves due recognition.

  • Tell everyone about an ambitious goal that you are working on Many of us set ambitious targets for ourselves. And the very act of striving towards something you think is impossible is remarkable too. So proactively set a stretch goal, and share that with the world! Who knows, you might find your network connection or personal cheerleader among your network.

The world is your oyster and you should share your achievements proudly. Who knows what opportunities they might bring you one day! So remember to speak up, speak loudly, and speak out unapologetically. Share these tips with friends and tag @ywlcsg to share your success stories!

The PIF Mentorship Programme is one of the three flagship YWLC CE programmes to give back to the community. Read more about another CE flagship programme, Female & Fearless, and its impact to teenage girls here.

Organising Committee: Community Engagement

Organising Team: Sua Wan Xin, Minerva Lim, Lim Cheng Hui, Jodi Lau, Helena Oh, Serene Cai

Artwork: Joey Ong, Joyce Lim

Author: Kristin Loo, Joyce Lim

Editor: Tay Mingfang

Partner: Google

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