Crafting Your Career Story on LinkedIn with Yunita

Branding yourself keeps you current in your chosen field, opens doors and creates a lasting impression on potential and future employees. By developing your own brand, you’ll have control over your future employers and potential networking counterpart’s initial perception.

How can you brand yourself and craft your own career story?

With over 660+ million members, LinkedIn is the most-used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies. What better way than to brand yourself on the platform where most global decision-makers and senior executives like to spend their spare time at? Yunita Ong, Asia Editor at LinkedIn, shared how she was recruited on LinkedIn and how it can be the platform to enhance your personal branding as well as to network in these times of social distancing.

Yunita Ong, Asia Editor of LinkedIn News

The most asked questions were: What should I put on LinkedIn? How can I word my work experience? Should it look like my resume?

As Yunita shared, a lot of the decisions and type of content boils back down to personal choices of what to share and how to share it, as long as it is professional and business-relevant. The key difference between LinkedIn and a resume is that on LinkedIn, you are telling your current and future connections about your career story, and narrating it in a voice that is authentic to yourself.

So, how did she build a LinkedIn presence of 12,000 + followers?

Here are some of Yunita’s actionable tips on how to draft a compelling elevator pitch of your key accomplishments and best practices to boost your profile - from sharing a short story snippet of your career milestones to adding volunteering experiences on your profile.

1. Use your posts to tell your career story

Identify an appropriate tone and topics to post via LinkedIn updates. LinkedIn post updates are a simple way to tell your career stories in real time. Keep in touch with your network by sharing the projects you are working on and by sharing your opinions on industry news and trends. This allows you to strengthen your profile and over time, it makes you a thought leader in your field and community.

2. Identify and share about topics and things that matter to you

Some of the popular topics on LinkedIn are technology, management, careers and employment, business management. Identify the trending topics by researching and looking at hashtags.

The key is to identify relevant topics that interest and inspire you. This helps to showcase your personality. Sharing industry news is also a quick way to let people know what interests you. A note though: refrain from sharing and talking about religion and politics.

3. Celebrate your colleagues’ wins

Utilise LinkedIn to connect with employees on a personal level by celebrating their hard work and contributions. Recognising the work others are doing by amplifying their voices and content. One way would be to personally tag the individuals with the “@” symbol.

4. Interact authentically with your audience

Engage with your network by resharing and commenting on content. Start a conversation by asking questions, uploading your own photos and videos and using popular hashtags to broaden your reach. Have a strong point of view when sharing industry insights as it helps to bring value to your readers while helping you connect with people authentically.

When it comes to building your network and connections on the platform, emphasise quality over quantity.

5. Creating a schedule to post because small updates make a big difference

Make LinkedIn a part of your routine by posting 1-2 sentence liners in response to an article that interests you. Highlight accomplishments and share about your recent milestone. With the platform, small updates make a big difference.

Stick to what you are comfortable with posting. Posting once a week or more tends to get the best engagement on the platform but it ultimately boils down to your personal preference. Keep it to 80-20: 80% professional news or industry news and 20% to other personal interests.

“Think of LinkedIn as a storytelling device.

It's a social media platform after all”.

LinkedIn is a way to be found, a platform to tell authentic stories of yourselves and a means to connect and update with like-minded professionals. Sharing failures and lessons learnt may seem counterintuitive, but it is part of any career journey and also a great way to narrate successes and failures and to reach out to experts and professionals for career insights.

Organising Committee: Leadership Subcommittee

Organising Team: Ng Wan Wen

Artwork: Joey Ong

Presenter: Yunita Ong, Asia Editor, LinkedIn News

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