YWLC x 100 Wishes: ft Savina Chai - Embracing You

Stories can move and affect everyone in unique ways. It provides the insights to see things from a new perspective and it inspires. It gives you the reason to believe in yourself - others have done it, and so can you.

The second instalment of the YWLC x SHINE Children & Youth Services 100 Wishes Workshop Series, Embracing You, aimed to inspire and impart insights from speaker, Savina Chai, with the girls from HEY BELLE, a school-based programme under SHINE Children & Youth Services that helps female youth build up on their leadership skills, efficacy and confidence.

Savina, Managing Director of Beaubit, shared her struggles as a young entrepreneur and how she overcame and dealt with the never-ending onslaught of challenges that came her way.

What has Savina learnt? How did she overcome the obstacles she faced? What are some of her life tips?

Starting out at such a young age as the Chief Executive Officer of the now defunct fashion business Eight Slate, Savina had to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

There was a lot of self-doubt and she lacked the right people to guide and provide advice. She also had to overcome constantly being undermined and underestimated due to her age and unfortunately, Savina trusted a wrong investor and found herself unwittingly embroiled in a lawsuit at age 22.

“Everything happens for a reason.”

With every challenge and downfall, one can only climb back up and stand stronger. It is through these milestones that can help one overcome bigger battles in life.

Today, Savina wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur and a multi-disciplinary creative consultant with over 76,000 followers on her @Savina_chai Instagram account. This year, she launched Beaubit, a beauty platform that advocates for the celebration of diversity in beauty and that make up should only be a tool to enhance the features of our natural beauty.

Here are some of Savina’s tips of wisdom summarised for a quick refresher:


  • Good skin comes with healthy eating and having a balanced diet, not skipping meals or dieting. Dieting can mess up your metabolic rate.

  • Makeup can be simple by focusing on enhancing your features. Pick a feature that you like about your face and enhance that. Don’t highlight all features.

  • Makeup and skin care goes hand in hand. With good skin, you worry less about concealing and just focus on enhancing your features.


  • Always take some time out to slow down, think and reflect.

  • Live in the present, take stock of the small milestones, spend time with loved ones, take time to recharge and rejuvenate for the longer battle ahead.


  • Often, your outlook on life is a reflection of how you feel. Be conscious of when the negative emotions start to creep into your thoughts and find ways to overcome them – be it talking it out with friends, exercising or seeing a therapist. When you are able to get a better handle of your emotions – you’d be able to think and focus better.

  • Surround yourself with people that energises and can uplift you. One person is the average of the five people you hang out with. Surrounding yourself with more positivity equates to a more positive you.

  • Exercising can help to readjust your thoughts and mindset because when you exercise, you are putting your body through physical pain and at the same time releasing adrenaline hormones that make you happier. When you realise that you can endure this physical pain, you would then believe that you can also have the discipline to control my emotions and overcome any obstacle.

“Start small and plan out small steps get to the bigger steps.”


  • Set realistic goals and understand that setting goals can and will inspire and spur you to do better and go further.

  • Start small and plan small steps to achieve your goals. Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

  • Have confidence in yourself and believe in your ability to learn from past mistakes and make better decisions.

  • Hustle, grit and persevere. You are the sole owner of your eventual outcome. No one else can hustle for you and you owe it to yourself to strive to be the best version of who you are.

“Everyone is on a lifelong journey to find and create the best version of oneself. That best version will have to come from and start from within.”

Workshop organisers: Stacey Chua, Rachel Kuo

Partner: Savina Chai

YWLC x SHINE Children & Youth Services (HEY BELLE Programme)

YWLC, in collaboration with SHINE Children & Youth Services, is running 100 Wishes Workshop series for beneficiaries under SHINE’s programme, HEY BELLE. The YWLC volunteers and trainers, either YWLC members or external partners, aim to foster a nurturing environment for the beneficiaries to learn and build new skills across diverse themes such as health & wellness, financial planning, baking, art-journaling, and resumé writing.

The 100 Wishes Workshop series with SHINE comprises six workshops, with topics such as mental wellness, relationship management, fashion, and beauty & wellness, among others. The series is conducted virtually once a month over six months for female youths in the Hey BELLE programme, from July 2020.

100 Wishes

100 Wishes is a fun and educational life-skills programme run by the YWLC’s volunteers for women, female youths and child residents at crisis shelters in Singapore, covering workshop topics such as financial literacy, wellness and baking. 100 Wishes is one of the three YWLC CE flagship programmes.

100 Wishes aims to offer an avenue for these strong and capable women to upskill and make meaningful changes to their daily routines, life goals and family affairs, to give them the opportunity to chase their dreams.

SHINE Children & Youth Services

SHINE delivers social work and educational psychology services by trained professionals to children, youth and their families, in communities, schools and service centres. The services are based on research, theories and practice wisdom, guided by its core values.


HEY BELLE first started as a school-based programme in 2014, working with girls with identified issues in schools. With observed needs from girls for further support, HEY BELLE expanded its services to the community, and changed its strategic direction to serve girls in the community. HEY BELLE’s ultimate aim is for girls to be Better, Stronger and Smarter.

The programme offers girls platforms for purposeful engagement and to be developed as leaders in areas of their interests, through modes such as Dance, Photography, Make Up, and Football. The notion is about empowering girls, by building up their self-esteem and efficacy, and equipping them with necessary skills and connections, so that they can be active contributors for more girls in future.

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