PIF Mentorship Workshop Series - YWLC x Shiseido: Personal Confidence Workshop

Everyone knows that beauty isn’t only skin deep. But a little confidence booster goes a long way in helping one to fulfil day-to-day tasks and feel positive!

Skin care is a continual grooming ritual to ensure that our skin is well taken care of amidst the daily air pollution and sun exposure. On the other hand, makeup provides women with the power of choice, and how she wants to present herself – whether that’s to conceal a blemish, give the illusion of a sun-kissed cheek, or a brighter smile.

On 17 July, Faith Lai, Training Assistant Manager at Shiseido, inducted the young mentors and mentees of YWLC’s Pay It Forward (PIF) Mentorship Programme into the world of skincare and the art of professional make up at the “YWLC x Shiseido: Personal Confidence Virtual Workshop”.

Prior to the Zoom session, participants were provided with complimentary skincare and makeup samples from Shiseido. These samples were used as Faith demonstrated the steps to achieve a professional look and shared skin care and beauty tips.

Faith demonstrating how to artfully conceal under eye dark circles.

So, what are the ways one can take care of the skin and how does one artfully apply that concealer and blusher to add that oomph?

Here are some of the key tips that were shared:

  • Protect your skin with sunscreen or sunblock. Add a layer of sunscreen or sunblock as a base to prevent your skin from ageing due exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, even if the makeup contains SPF or even if you plan to be indoors most of the time.

  • Prepare your skin for long-lasting makeup. Use a primer (after sunblock, before foundation) that has a mattifying effect. Pro-tip: Apply a pea-sized drop of primer over the T-Zone as that area tends to produce a lot of oil. For sensitive skin, use a primer with a tinge of green to counteract the redness.

  • Bring life to your makeup look. Get extra depth by adding blush to look healthy, friendly, and glowing. To identify where to apply blush, smile! Lightly apply blush on “cheek puffs” (also known as the “apple of your cheeks”) show up. Move the brush diagonally upwards just on the apple of the cheeks.

  • Jazz up those eyes. Apply three dots of concealer, with one dot under each tip of the eye, and the last one in the middle of the two dots so that it forms a triangle. Add shimmery eyeshadow (colour of your choice) for an extra sparkle. Apply eyeshadow over the top and bottom one-third inner corner of the eye. Mascara also opens up the eyes; apply three coats from roots to lashes in a small zigzag motion up for a better effect.

  • Try on a new lip colour. Don’t be afraid to try out a red lipstick! A matte red lipstick can brighten up the whole look and is easier to maintain for a great work and professional look. To prevent smudging, start applying your lipstick from the inner part of your lips so that it would not be out of line, then purse your lips to blend the lipstick. Don’t forget the corner of the lips! Use fingers to blend the lipstick for better control.

  • Balance out your makeup. To match a stronger-coloured eyeshadow, balance it out with mascara on the bottom lashes. With lighter makeup, go lighter on the mascara or lipstick colours.

  • Treat the skin around your eyes with extra care. Skin around the eye is around one-third thinner than the rest of the face, so it is important to treat it with care. When removing stubborn eye makeup, especially mascara, use a product with an emulsifier. Try not to wipe the makeup from left to right, as it will smear. Instead, press down on your makeup and hold for 10 seconds before wiping it off in a downwards motion. Use a cotton bud to remove the remaining eye makeup.

  • Keep calm and breathe. Breathing exercises can help one to relax and lower stress in the body. Before an interview or presentation, try this technique known as “4-7-8”:

  1. Empty air from the lungs by breathing out

  2. Breathe in quietly through the nose for 4 seconds

  3. Hold the breath for a count of 7 seconds

  4. Exhale forcefully through the mouth, pursing the lips and making a “shoosh” sound, for 8 seconds

  5. Repeat the cycle up to 4 times

At the end of the day, it is important to note that makeup enhances one’s features and does not change one’s identity. It is an extraordinary medium for communicating our identities and is a space for innovativeness and usefulness!

Acknowledgements: Special credits to to Faith for conducting the workshop, Jodi Lau of the PIF Mentorship Programme team for coordinating, Fang Jiayun, YWLC member and PIF mentor, for the link-up to Shiseido and most importantly to Shiseido for sponsoring the samples for the mentees.

The Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme aims to guide tertiary students on their personal growth journey through mentorship and a series of life-skills workshops. This workshop is part of an ongoing series of milestone events specially curated by YWLC’s Community Engagement subcommittee for this year’s batch of PIF mentees and mentors. Find out more here.

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