Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme: Guiding and Inspiring the Younger Generation of Girls (Part 3)

Continuing our interview series with the Community Engagement (CE) team, we hear from three groups of women — different perspectives from the co-lead, partner, and mentor-mentee pairs — from the Pay It Forward (PIF) Mentorship Programme. The PIF Mentorship Programme is a six-month long programme for YWLC members to pay it forward by being mentors to younger generations of girls, providing guidance to them in navigating through studies, careers and life.

Read on to hear about the different perspectives shared by women who have contributed to past and current runs of the PIF Mentorship Programme!

In last part of the PIF interview series, we have Judith Ng, Lee Foong Mui and Nazieah Mohd Saleh, Lecturers of ITE College Central to share with us their feedback and experiences as one of our partners for the programme.

How has the partnership experience with YWLC been since it first started four years ago?

It has been a great experience working with the team from YWLC since the start of the programme in 2017. Our partnership has strengthened as we work together to improve on the programme after each run.

The YWLC team has been so welcoming and supportive in ensuring that the well-being of our students always comes first during the programme.

How have the mentees benefited from this programme?

Since the start of the PIF Mentorship Programme in 2017, 82 students have benefited from this meaningful experience. The mentors, who are working professionals across diverse industries, have been sharing their valuable work and life insights earnestly with the mentees.

The mentees have given feedback that they received guidance from their mentors which broadened their perspectives of life and the working world. This helped them to envision their education and career goals and make sound decisions about their future.

It really makes a difference when the organising committee makes an effort to pair up the mentor and mentees based on their choices. Hence, the mentees are able to relate to and bond well with their chosen mentors.

As co-organisers contributing to our partnership, what do you think of mentorship? How has your own personal experience been in organising this?

We personally think that mentorship is a great programme for young people, particularly at this age group where they are curious about everything, and yet not sure what they want or do in life. Having a mentor helps to guide mentees towards the path they want to embark on for their future, and with the right nudge, mentees can achieve what they set out in mind to do.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the mentors who have come forward to dedicate their time and guidance to the young mentees. We are heartened to see how the mentees have grown and matured during their journey in this programme.

Our deepest thanks also to YWLC for your unwavering support and bringing refreshing ideas each year in running the programme. We look forward to more good years to our wonderful partnership.

The PIF Mentorship Programme is one of the three flagship YWLC CE programmes to give back to the community. Read more about another CE flagship programme, Female & Fearless, and its impact to teenage girls here.

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Please note that only YWLC members can take part in CE activities. If you would like to volunteer with us but are not a member yet, you can sign up to be a member here or find out more about membership here.

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