Vision with a Mission: Fireside Chat with Wan Xin, Director of Community Engagement at YWLC

We sat down with Wan Xin, Director of YWLC's Community Engagement (CE) subcommittee, to learn more about her personal growth journey. She shares about stepping up to take on the mantle of leadership and her philosophy for driving change within individuals and externally with the community.

Give us a sneak peek for what is your vision for CE. To inspire and build a culture of service leadership among young women. Leadership comes in various forms, and I think therein lies the beauty of this intersection at YWLC - a place where we develop not just young women leaders, but also leaders who have compassion for the society and take charge of causes they believe in.

What type of community would you like to build through your work in CE? “Empowered” is something that I think aptly describes the community I envision. Through our efforts, I hope it equips our beneficiaries with the aspiration, confidence, and support to better navigate their life journey. And I hope that our members at YWLC will find other like-minded women within the YWLC community, and will feel encouraged to pay it forward in their own ways.

What inspired you to take a leadership role? I started volunteering when I was in polytechnic, and have never looked back since. An opportunity came along to serve in the Executive Committee of the National Youth Achievement Award Council (NYAA) Gold Awards Holder Alumni. It was a fulfilling experience, being able to drive change and enable others to do the same.

Naturally with YWLC, I was active largely with the Community Engagement subcommittee. I was extremely motivated by the passion, drive and bond within the subcommittee which almost feels like a family.

At the same time, I believe strongly in continuously developing oneself - there is no better time to do it than now. With the opportunities that came subsequently, that’s how I got to where I am today!

"Every contribution, big or small, counts and goes a long way."

What are some leadership principles you stick by?

  • Lead by example - We walk the talk.

  • Keep an open mind and being willing to listen - This is how innovation and collaboration thrives.

  • People, people, people - They are all talents in their unique ways. We should embrace their strengths and weaknesses, help them grow, and share our appreciation where it’s due.

Wan Xin (back row, 1st from right) together with the event organising committee at the YWLC x Luxasia: Headstart! event, a workshop to equip tertiary female students who do not have access to the right resources to get a leg up in finding the job they want

How has being in YWLC transformed you as a person? My current role as Community Engagement Director especially, has enabled me to have a deeper appreciation of people around me, and continuously find ways to help one another grow. I am truly encouraged by the fact that we were able to create more leadership opportunities for our high-potential and committed young women, beyond the Executive Committee at YWLC. I am also heartened by the ability to help others realise what they wanted to achieve.

It has also challenged me greatly to balance my personal, professional and voluntary commitments. As I was considering the Executive Committee appointment then, I was approaching a life milestone. The support from my other half, family and friends have been really significant in making this happen for me.

What are you most proud of your team achieving? Collectively as YWLC, we have impacted close to 200 beneficiaries in a year! I am ever grateful to our angels (yes, that’s what we call ourselves!) from the CE subcommittee who never fail to put in their 100% to make things happen, and members of YWLC who contributed in one way or another.

Wan Xin (1st row, 1st from right) with her Community Engagement subcommittee

What would you tell new members of YWLC? Every contribution, big or small, counts and goes a long way. Together as one, we can make a difference to our women community, our future generations.

If you would like to volunteer with the Community Engagement subcommittee, please contact us here. Stay tuned to our social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) for more information on volunteering opportunities. Please note that only YWLC members can take part in CE activities. If you would like to volunteer with us but are not a member yet, you can sign up to be a member here or find out more about membership here. Click here to subscribe to YWLC's monthly newsletter and be the first to get our latest updates in your inbox!

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