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Where is the "application" i'm looking for? I see a "Content Explorer" there but can't open it. Also, is it only available for Mac users (as I have a PC)? Click to expand... Hello, The Content Explorer is an application that comes as part of the EasyWorship program. To install it on your PC, please download EasyWorship from here and install it: EasyWorship 6 (Click the link to download. Currently it is at Version 6.1.1.) I hope you can install it correctly, then you can use it to look through your music library and click on a song or album to hear it. I've downloaded EasyWorship from the EasyWorship site... after a few minutes of being frustrated and having my computer crash (the drive is actually almost dead) I go to install, and it seems to be saying that I need to have PHP 5.3 installed. I thought that came with my copy of PHP? I just downloaded it from Why would I need to have a different version of PHP than the one I already have? Does EasyWorship 6 require a higher version of PHP? I just don't know enough about PHP to figure this out. At least that's what I read as it said that somewhere in the installer




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Easyworship 6 Crack myllburn

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