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Unveiling Aspirations: Visions of YWLC's Function Pillar 8th Exco Directors

Meet the Function Pillar's 8th Exco Directors at YWLC. In this exclusive interview, delve into the visionary insights of the incoming directors charting new pathways.

What is your portfolio’s function, and what do you feel most excited about in your new role?

Keerthana: My new role revolves around strategy, which is a fresh addition to the responsibilities of the 8th executive committee. This position offers ample opportunities for innovation and the generation of novel ideas, and this is what truly excites me. It provides me with the creative space to drive transformative changes within YWLC. Working within the realm of strategy enables me to collaborate with all the directors, collectively assisting them in achieving their unique strategic objectives, while also affording me a broader perspective of YWLC as a whole. Furthermore, as our organization continues to expand, there is a growing need to establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) and policies that would aid the functioning of the organisation and contribute to the success of YWLC. I am particularly enthusiastic about contributing to the evolution of these policies, building upon the foundations laid by previous executive committees.

Audrey Tim: As the Director of Partnerships, my responsibility is to cultivate and manage strategic relationships with YWLC’s wide network of corporate and community partners. I'm most excited about the potential for collaboration and impact that these partnerships can bring. Establishing relationships with partners who resonate with our mission presents a significant opportunity for driving positive change, enabling YWLC to extend its reach beyond the capabilities of volunteers alone. I'm deeply appreciative of the relationships we've nurtured thus far. I can’t wait to continue building meaningful connections to enhance our community's role in empowering women in leadership.

Vivian Lim: As the Director of Marketing and Communications, my primary function is to enhance the visibility and impact of YWLC through strategic branding, engaging content, and effective communication. I'm most excited about leveraging the power of storytelling to inspire and empower, and to strengthen our community's role as a catalyst for women's leadership in diverse fields.

What Key Initiatives or plans do you have for your portfolio in the next two years?

Keerthana: I've set three primary objectives for YWLC. Firstly, we're embarking on planning our inaugural YWLC carnival, which aims to unite our members, fostering a sense of community and deepening their understanding of YWLC.

Secondly, our focus is on aligning all strategic goals within YWLC with the organization's mission, vision, and core pillars. This alignment is essential for our continued relevance in today's rapidly changing society.

Lastly, as our organization continues to grow in numbers, we are dedicated to establishing and refining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and policies to ensure effective governance and smooth operations.

Audrey Tim: In the next two years, my primary focus is to strengthen YWLC’s network of partners to expand our impact on the community and women we serve. This will involve:

  1. Developing collaboration strategies to foster long-term partnerships. This includes deepening ties with our existing partners and actively seeking and establishing new relationships with organisations that resonate with our mission. These partnerships would contribute to the sustainability and impact of YWLC’s many programmes aimed at empowering women in our community and in society.

  2. Building an all-stars team that will not only be skillful ambassadors for YWLC’s external engagements, but also a trusted ally for YWLC’s other subcommittees. More importantly, I aim to build an enthusiastic and curious team that supports each other’s growth in an open and collaborative environment, where iterations and feedback are celebrated. I trust that ideas and projects that emerge from this type of environment would push YWLC’s partnerships to the next bound.

  3. Enhancing YWLC’s role as a driving force for women in leadership through purposeful partnerships with other non-profits and national platforms.

Vivian Lim: My primary focus is to build and reinforce YWLC's brand equity around our unique brand of leadership. This will involve:

Thought Leadership Content: Developing and disseminating thought-provoking and insightful content that positions YWLC as a leading authority on women's leadership. This content will reflect our values, mission, and the contemporary issues affecting women in leadership roles, especially from Singapore’s point of view.

Consistent Messaging: Ensuring a unified and consistent brand message across all communication channels, from social media to newsletters, that reinforces our commitment to empowering women leaders and fostering a supportive community.

Community Engagement: Implementing strategies to actively engage our community members, facilitating discussions and knowledge sharing, and thereby strengthening our brand as a platform for meaningful connections and growth.

How has YWLC helped in preparing you for your leadership journey?

Keerthana: Casherine Goh, who also serves as the 8th vice-chair and was my PIF mentor in 2020, played a pivotal role in my decision to join YWLC after graduation, serving as the catalyst for my involvement in this community. YWLC has been instrumental in shaping my leadership journey. Immediately after completing my university studies, I joined YWLC, providing me with a safe space to experiment with my skills and leadership approaches, despite my limited work experience at the time.

YWLC entrusted me with leading events like Female and Fearless and the Pay It Forward Mentorship Programme, offering invaluable opportunities for my leadership growth. Throughout my YWLC journey, I've been fortunate to collaborate with remarkable individuals who consistently inspired me, acted as mentors, and became valuable collaborators.

Their guidance and the collaborative spirit within YWLC have allowed me to gain insights into various leadership styles, strengthen my abilities, and contribute to the community's growth. I'm immensely grateful for the transformative experience YWLC has offered me.

Looking ahead, I aim to inspire others in the same way I have been inspired and to create a safe space within my own subcommittee for members to explore and enhance their leadership styles and approaches.

Audrey Tim: YWLC has been instrumental for my personal growth and leadership journey in the past 5 years. Initially reserved and timid, my journey began with a pivotal mentorship from Feon Ang, who helped me build confidence and trust my own voice. Additionally, working closely with Wan Shi Yun, Director of Special Projects, and Sua Wan Xin, Director of Community Engagement, taught me the value of authentic leadership.

My leadership journey was catapulted by the opportunity to lead the Social Impact subcommittee in the 7th exco from Jun 2021 to Jun 2023. Through its many projects, I learnt what it means to lead by serving others, how to support my team members’ growth, and chart a strategic direction for a subcommittee. I also gained an appreciation for the crucial role our community and corporate partners play in YWLC's impact. Looking ahead, I hope to continue building an inclusive and safe space for my team members to develop their leadership approaches, and sharpen my strategic leadership skills in this cross-functional role.

Vivian Lim: YWLC has created a safe and authentic space for me to connect with women leaders I admire. This highlights the importance of a supportive community that encourages open conversations and sharing of struggles, fostering empowerment and personal development. YWLC's commitment to this vision aligns with my own experiences, where mentors and champions have significantly impacted our worldview and community building journey. This community has been instrumental in connecting me with women mentors and providing a supportive platform for learning and mentorship. It has empowered me to envision and work towards a future where women and girls have access to strong mentors and champions, further contributing to my own leadership journey.

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