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Pay-It-Forward Mentorship Programme 2022: How to Make Yourself Memorable

On 27 August, mentees and mentors from the Pay-It-Forward (PIF) Mentorship Programme’s attended a workshop by Ana Sousa Gavin for an interactive workshop on how to make ourselves memorable. Ana is the founder of Organic Storytellers Singapore, and has an extensive background in social psychology, early childhood education, and improvisation theatre.

Ana shared that how memorable we are depends on 4 key elements – confidence, physical appearance, humour and relatability. Participants were paired up and told to talk about themselves to one another. Thereafter, these pairs were put in a bigger group and they were asked to present their partners to the wider group. Participants received honest and real-time advice about what made them memorable in a safe space.

Additionally, your audience remembers you when they can relate to you. In the 2nd half of the workshop, Ana delved into the question, “how are we relatable?”. Mentees and mentors went through another interactive activity to explore this, and learned that it rests on 3 pillars – 1) asking genuine questions, 2) listening intently, and 3) telling authentic stories.

Bringing everything together, Ana concluded by reminding everyone to think about what they want others to know about them ahead of time, understand their audiences, and be genuinely interested in what the other person had to say. Sharing personal anecdotes to illustrate what you do and care about would also help people relate and remember you!


YWLC’s PIF Mentorship Programme is a 6-month mentorship programme in partnership with the International Women’s Forum (IWF) and ITE College Central. YWLC members mentor young women from IWF and ITE that are driven to learn. Mentor-mentee pairs from this programme consistently learn together and bring out the best in each other. For queries about the programme and YWLC’s Social Impact initiatives, email


Organising Committee: Social Impact


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