Stories can move and affect everyone in unique ways. It provides the insights to see things from a new perspective and it inspires. It gives you the reason to believe in yourself - others have done it, and so can you. 

The second i...

7 Aug 2020

In disruptive times, the instinctive reaction may be to stay put and weather the storm. In recent months, however, jobs are disappearing, roles are adapted and pivoted. Different times call for different ways of thinking.

During ti...

6 Aug 2020

Since its inception 75 years ago, the United Nations has seen the world progress with huge strides forward in education, tackling extreme poverty and hunger, women’s access to voting rights and more. On its 75th Anniversary, the U...

Emotions play a critical role in how we perceive and interact with others around us. Yet, emotions also have the power to control us and this can have harmful consequences on our emotional and even physical well-being. How exactly...

23 Jun 2020

Mentorship doesn't need to halt even when we are no longer able to meet physically with our mentors or mentees. How then do we stay connected with our mentors and mentees while social distancing?

22 Jun 2020

Wan Xin shares about stepping up to take on the mantle of leadership and her philosophy for driving change within individuals and externally with the community.

22 Jun 2020

Taking charge of your fitness can be daunting and it may seem inaccessible and intimidating. Tyen Rasif shares eight tips to take charge of your fitness journey

Sabrina Ho, founder of Half the Sky, shared career tips for the fresh and undergraduate attendees on the following topics:

22 Jun 2020

YWLC Alumni Marie Cheong on how she navigated her career across the real estate, consulting, technology, and energy industries.

22 Jun 2020

On 13 June 2020, over a rainy Saturday morning, the YWLC’s CE subcommittee held its first joint virtual workshop for mentors and mentees under the Pay t Forward Mentorship Programme 2020. Guest speakers, Leonard Tan and. Sherrill...

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