YWLC Mentorship Programme 2020 officially kicks-off!

The YWLC Mentorship Programme 2020 officially launched its 11th cycle with the newest batch of 70 mentees and 52 mentors on 15 August. The virtual commencement this year featured the Mentors Panel with Minister Grace Fu (Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Singapore) and Adeline Kim (Head, Data Solutions, Visa - Asia Pacific) who share their thoughts and insights on Mentorship. Here are some key takeaway points: Take time to develop the relationship with your mentor Reverse-mentoring - do not go into the relationship with just your expectations; think about what you can possibly offer, understand your mentor and develop mutual trust. Mentors are also there to learn from you Be t

PIF Mentorship Workshop Series - YWLC x Shiseido: Personal Confidence Workshop

Everyone knows that beauty isn’t only skin deep. But a little confidence booster goes a long way in helping one to fulfil day-to-day tasks and feel positive! Skin care is a continual grooming ritual to ensure that our skin is well taken care of amidst the daily air pollution and sun exposure. On the other hand, makeup provides women with the power of choice, and how she wants to present herself – whether that’s to conceal a blemish, give the illusion of a sun-kissed cheek, or a brighter smile. On 17 July, Faith Lai, Training Assistant Manager at Shiseido, inducted the young mentors and mentees of YWLC’s Pay It Forward (PIF) Mentorship Programme into the world of skincare and the art of profe

Youth Action Challenge x YWLC: Forging New Career Paths

In disruptive times, the instinctive reaction may be to stay put and weather the storm. In recent months, however, jobs are disappearing, roles are adapted and pivoted. Different times call for different ways of thinking. During times like this, there is a choice to make: Retreat and hide, or push forward and see this as an opportunity for growth and positive change? On this topic, the three panelists and YWLC members, Serene Cai, Co-founder of Speedoc; Danielle Chan, Co-founder of Citiponics; and Nurin Adila Binte Shahrin, Programme Manager, OnePeople.sg came together to share their personal stories on navigating non-linear paths to forge their own way, and tips on how to turn uncertainties

YWLC x UN75: Overcoming Setbacks and Achieving Breakthroughs for Women

Since its inception 75 years ago, the United Nations has seen the world progress with huge strides forward in education, tackling extreme poverty and hunger, women’s access to voting rights and more. On its 75th Anniversary, the United Nations is taking this milestone to reflect, to listen and to discuss how to overcome the big trends shaping a collective future. It is in that spirit that YWLC hosted its first global-wide virtual dialogue with the United Nations, as part of the UN75’s “World’s Largest Conversation”, on Setbacks and Breakthroughs for its members on 24 July. The objective of the dialogue was to discuss the challenges and achievements, as well as the global future of women. The

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