Meet Angelene Chan, CEO of DP Architects and Mentor of YWLC. She shares with us her thoughts on ment

What are you most excited to share and learn in this upcoming Mentorship journey? I look forward to sharing my professional experiences at the early stages of my career; in doing so, I hope to share some insights that took me years to gain. Work life is demanding, and work-related stress can affect our performance and health. Having a successful career is not just about knowing your job well; a big part of it is how we cope with challenges and setbacks, how we maintain physical well-being and emotional balance. Ultimately, I hope to help younger women starting their career to build confidence, resilience and flexibility at an early stage. Who were some of your mentors pivotal to your career

Meet Ms Gan Siow Huang, YWLC mentor and Singapore’s first female Brigadier General. She shares with

Spotting Ms. Gan and Jesslyn at the dinner venue was not a difficult task; even in a relatively filled restaurant, the bright smiles and cheerful laughter from Ms. Gan and Jesslyn’s table in a corner immediately caught my attention. Many of us may know that Ms. Gan, Singapore’s first female Brigadier General, is also our country’s highest female ranking officer in the SAF. What many of us may not know is her extremely friendly and easy-going demeanour. Coupled with Jesslyn’s energetic and lively personality, what I thought was a semi-serious interview turned out to be an extremely enjoyable conversation with these two. Ms. Gan, having taken up the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Merit Scholarsh

Meet Julie Yeo, YWLC mentor, Head of Corporate Communications for UBS South East Asia and one of the

At a cosy lunch setting environment on a Friday afternoon, meeting Julie Yeo and her mentee Lou-Ann Seet, was a light-hearted and enjoyable session over great food. Having gone through the YWLC Mentorship Programme as a mentor and mentee respectively, we hear from Julie and Lou-Ann how their previous experience contributes to their mentor-mentee relationship. Julie, what is a typical day like for you? Julie: For work, I handle corporate communications for UBS Southeast Asia, covering Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, across the businesses of the Investment Bank, Asset Management and also for Wealth Management Asia Pacific. I also lead Community Affairs for UBS Singap

Meet Michelle Cheo, YWLC mentor and CEO of Mewah International Inc. She shares with us the key attri

Action speaks louder than words would be a good way to describe Michelle’s leadership and mentorship style. And that fits perfectly with Letitia, her mentee of 2 years who is also very much a hands-on person. One could tell from their interaction that Michelle takes a keen interest in Letitia’s development. She remembers that Letitia has recently changed her job and as soon as she arrives at Prive Wheelock where our interview is held, she asks Letitia about her new role in Uber. I have always heard about how great Michelle is as a mentor from Letitia, so it is an exciting opportunity for me to be able to meet her and understand more about her take on career and life. What is a day like for y

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