Meet Chua Khai Lin, co-founder and CFO of Fundnel, a private investment platform which she co-founde

Having been a mentee in one of YWLC’s mentorship cycles before and shared at YWLC’S Women in Tech panel, we sat down with her to find out more about her work and interests. Tell us about your journey so far! I was in banking before I started Fundnel with my co-founder Kelvin. We saw an opportunity to leverage on technology to create a platform that connects investors to companies who are fundraising in the private capital market space, thereby making the entire process more efficient and transparent. What is a typical day like for you? It’s hard to say what a typical day looks like because every day at Fundnel is different. I tend to focus my time on budgeting, product management and dealing

Meet Stephanie Dickson, Founder of the Wedge Asia. A Visionaire for Singapore’s Conscious Community.

Upon entering Stephanie’s cosy home on a Sunday morning, we could not help but notice the green and wood touches in the naturally lit living room. Perfectly fitting for an eco warrior and one of Singapore’s leading social entrepreneurs - Stephanie Dickson is the founder of The Wedge Asia, Singapore’s leading conscious community, as well as Green Is The New Black (GITNB) Asia, Asia’s first conscious festival. Once an event planner for fashion weeks in the region, Stephanie shared with us how she left the rat race and entered the social entrepreneurship scene, a result of her realisation that she was consuming too much and that “there is no Planet B”. With her positive and affable personality,

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